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  1. aeo

    Clover verification

    Hi. You can verify that your your kext is running by typing in the terminal kextstat | grep yourkext. Don't forget about kext injection (config.plist > SystemParameters > InjectKexts): "Keys defines the global policy regarding kext injection. Yes or <true/> - Always inject kexts from /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/ No or <false/>- Never inject kexts Detect - Kexts from /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/ will be injected only if FakeSMC is not present in the kernelcache" (from Clover-WiKi)
  2. aeo

    Kernel Panic

    Which one? Does it support SSE4?
  3. aeo

    Hp G62 battery issue

    problem solved. Method _BST was incorrect.
  4. Hi all, I have this error message in console: ACPIBatteryManager: WARNING! fCurrentCapacity > fMaxCapacity. adjusted fCurrentCapacity from -1, to 2067 its totally spammed my log. How to resolve that? // I use RehabMan ACPIBatteryDriver and also patched DSDT (battery_HP-G62-B13SL.txt from RehabMan repo).
  5. I already have one of USB patches (attached) in my patched DSDT... Without it i had instant wake. My CPU - Intel core i3 (arrandale)
  6. Result: syslog |grep -i "Wake reason" May 31 20:21:44 MacBook-Pro kernel[0] <Notice>: Wake reason: PWRB EHC2 (User) And Ioreg is attached
  7. Hello guys, I have El Capitan installed on my HP G62. Everything works well, but my hack rarely won't wake (display sleep, ps2 unresponsive, USB don't work. At the same time Power button sleep indicator don't blinking (as if working). I've uncheck "Put Hard disk to sleep" & "Wake for network" in Energy Saver. What I should to do to solve this problem?
  8. aeo

    Help: Scramble above Apple logo during boot

    The same problem with ATI 5470. Any help?
  9. Thanks for reply. Is 6,1 more similar to my laptop? Now i have chosen macbook pro6,2
  10. Hello guys, I have an Hp G62 laptop (spec. in attached picture). Which model of Mac should i choose?
  11. Thanks for reply. No, i did not test it yet
  12. Hello. I've installed Mavericks on my HP laptop (i3 Core, 4GB Ram, ATI 5470), everything works well but i think to try Snow Does it make sense? Is it better / faster or something else?
  13. aeo

    [GUIDE] HP G62 - Mac OS X Mavericks

    Hello, Your GPU (ATI5470 ?) doesn't work. Try to boot without inject ATI
  14. aeo

    [GUIDE] HP G62 - Mac OS X Mavericks

    Hello, giofrida. Many thanks for this useful installation guides. I tried your AppleHDA.kext for my HP G62-b73SR. Audio ALC270 works fine. Do you have another AppleHDA (maybe updated) or you use this one till now (with CodecCommander)? Sorry for my beginner's English.