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  1. I did 3 times a good yosemite success with pandora tool.. and by removing the plist blacklist kext procedure. in my MAXIM V GENE but my problem is that I cannot work as in ML I used the latest DMG from APP STORE for YOS (latest patch) I always work as root user. and here I have the same problems: 1) finder never save passwords 2) desktop never save icon positions 3) some other troubles in too strong sandboxes hardening and I cannot load a lot of APPs. So I came back to ML
  2. Hy after installing yosemite in my desktop (Asus maximus V gene i7 ivy) and laptop (Asus ROG G53 i7 sandy) and after upgrading to 10.10.1 (two times to be sure) I'm used to work with the root account (and in yosemite I'm looking hard with strong sandboxed environments!) I face the same issues: 1) Finder never saves icon positions: a lot of websites tells about that problem and suggests to clean desktop, to perform a cleanup, to erase .DS_store. but I look inside the folder. the file .DS_store is always untouched. While normally the file changes every time you do a change on a desktop screen.. in yosemite not. 2) some preferences are not saved : after a reboot bluetooth and some little things are untouched 3) safari neve saves any new password and if I came from a migration assistant from another mac.. I cannot delete any of the sotred passwords I spent 2 days to repeat a fresh setup. but I face the same issues. I tried to do extras.. i..e. to alter permissions on some folder. but no improvements. and you? bye ugo
  3. sorry for very late in answer. I'd like to help you.. but actually I sold all my zotac machines. It was very sad .. because I loved them. the GE model is recent.. I suppose it can be managed. I don't know if it suites 10.10.. but 10.9 absolutely yes. you can try to attach a fresh setup of mavericks (standard method.. restore bootimage.ESD.. put latest enoch bootloader.. with fakesmc and nullcpu taken from latest [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. boot .. setup.. restart in the older OS.. and complete manually the setup in the SSD by putting into extra folder what you actually have in yours. remember that the black screen is a broblem that someone solved (as me) with a kextoverride.. leaving untouched the original drivers. look back in older post to find mine. Or you can put another vga card. I can't help you more than this.. only academic suggestions.. sorry!!!
  4. I did it.. Same error -36 I also moved to cifs smb protocol 1.0.. same error over 8gb
  5. Does it include disabled tso?
  6. tested ok (1000 full auto neg ok) same error while copying long file error -36 (cannot continue) without log in system.log same as before bye i like to test even if it's possible to enlarge packet data.. but I'm afraid.. to test unuseful changes. I don't know if it is a samba error or not.
  7. Me too. I have some films about 8..9 gigs to move on a nas.. hope this time well be good
  8. To lan freeze after a huge gb traffic (as described pages pages ago)
  9. My solution is to schedule a script: ifdown.. ifup
  10. sorry i'm confused.. but the latest attachment in #504 is good aand also resolves the problem of the freeze after aboit 8..9 gb of traffic?
  11. ugokind

    API e MIELE, uno spazio bit

    eucalipto.. fortunello. effettvamente non è un semplice dolcificante. ho scoperto per puro caso che nella palestra dietro casa mia lo isano a piene mani. è un concentrato di zuccheri semplici. (sembra un gioco di parole) cioè sono fruttosio e saccarosio ma sono tali da poter essere digeriti senza alcun fastidio e velocemente a differenza da zuccheri industriali che causano (e qui la nota dolente) un'aumento dell'acidità dell'organismo ovvero favoriscono la proleferazione di cellule anaerobiche (tumorali) a discapito delle cellule aerobiche (sane). Il miele invece abbassa l'acidità dell'organismo. pippe a parte.. io lo uso per fare il pane. quando ho voglia i cantucci. i biscotti. le torte. certi arrosti. e come starter per la birra. .. concordo sul fatto che ultimamente è caro. ma c'è una ragione: il raccolto del 2013 è una mierda. il tempo ha ritardato le fioriture e poi le grandinate.. almeno su da noi. così è salito (come associazione locale comanda) a 8..9€ al Kg l'acacia! certo puoi sempre prendere quello delle GDO che arriva dall'est. ma laggiù (e non lo dico io) usano tonnellate di antibiotici qui vietati.
  12. hy because of 3 months frustration. I'm asking you if you can do this test for me about (probably or not) limit of that card are you using twitter app. or twittdeck app. or email apple app? because none of them is working for me. tls/ssl/connection problem the problem is filled in the syslog. but the problem is not shown in any apple forum or other forum! and I reinstalled mac osx.. without any best news. no way to connect to network in certain case. before killink my balls.. I prefer to know if the problem is (or not) the lan card bye
  13. Salve a tutti Sono messo male Sono mesi che installo ML e mavericks su 3 desktop e un laptop Qualunque cosa faccia ho un funzionamento pieno di tutto applestore e itunes incluso Ma Qualunque ckuent Ssl sua esso Apple Mail (qualunque account) o qualunque client che usa librerie sotto la cartella /var non funzionano Ho provato a: Forzare i profili di Sandbox Inibire sandbox Resettare tutte le chiavi e i certificati Nulla Tanto x capire nel log appare sempre : Sandbox: none programma: errore qualunque : negato accesso a /car/db/.. mds.lock O genericamente negato accesso a /var In www non trovo una mazza Eppure non va in qualunque installazione E voi???