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    Acer v3-771g Mountain Lion

    Hi guys So far this whole topic has been very helpful in setting up my mavericks v3-771g I have everything set up nicely, full graphic acceleration, trackpad, audio all working fine. But I've still got some issues left to deal with. my HDMI out is not working, and i'm afraid i don't really understand the guides i've found on this and i don't want to break stuff while fiddling around with it. also my keymap has a lot of keys messed up like "()[]<>" and i use these a lot for programming so i need to find a way to get them fixed, any help here would be appreciated, thanks ------------------ edit: also, if i plug my phone in any usb port i get a notification about it using too much power and it doesn't get recognised at all.. would be nice to get that working, so i can use it as a modem for internet other usb devices are working all fine