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  1. TimeMachine fails backup

    hi the links not working plz fix it
  2. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    hey thanks again! now everything is working
  3. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    hi, what did you do with the files. just copying to the extensionfolder won't work for me. regards
  4. I'm thinking aout switching back because parallels doesn't work with my machine. So I still use Windows. My goal was to abandon windows but I still use it. MY Windows does its job. It runs smooth and reliable so why use MAcOS. Just for experimenting?
  5. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    Hey, I did some research and didn't find anything about how to add the drivers for NV card kexts again in leopard. can u help me plz
  6. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    ok worked for me. now how do i get the drivers back in the system? and why doesn't leopard recognise my soundcard although it plays the music at the beginning?
  7. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    great.... now I'm stuck somewhere where the kernel tells mit some like this first al lot of code concerning my graphics card and then this: BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task Mac OS version: 9A581 Kernel Version: Darwin Kernel Version 9.0.0 Tue Oct ......; blablabla
  8. unknown SIGSEGV code 0

    same thing with me :-( thats what wikipedia says: Computer programs may throw SIGSEGV for improper memory handling (see segmentation fault). The operating system may inform the application of the nature of the error using the signal stack, which developers can use to debug their programs or handle errors. The default action for a program upon receiving SIGSEGV is abnormal termination. This action will end the process, but may generate a core file to aid debugging, or perform some other platform-dependent action. For example, Linux systems using the grsecurity patch may log SIGSEGV signals in order to monitor for possible intrusion attempts using buffer overflows. SIGSEGV can be caught; that is, applications can request what action they want to occur in place of the default. Examples of such action might be ignoring it, calling a function, or restoring the default action. In some circumstances, ignoring SIGSEGV results in undefined behavior.[1]. An example of an application that might handle SIGSEGV is a debugger, which might check the signal stack and inform the developer of what happened, and where the program terminated. SIGSEGV is usually generated by the operating system, but users with appropriate permissions can use the kill system call or kill command (a userland program, or sometimes a shell builtin) to send the signal to a process at will. doesn't hepl us but its interessting
  9. Leopard AMD Flat Image

    Hi, got a small problem. this is what i typed ibook-g4s-ibook-g4:~ ibookg4$ sudo -s Password: ibook-g4s-ibook-g4:~ root# cd desktop ibook-g4s-ibook-g4:~/desktop root# cd 9A581_HD ibook-g4s-ibook-g4:~/desktop/9A581_HD root# ./patcher cpuid.txt bash: ./patcher: cannot execute binary file What does this mean?
  10. may this help for you? http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Simple_Dual_Boot I have a different problem. Installed uphuk 2 days ago. after some difficulties is was able to get a clean install. now I tried dual bootuing, but uphuk wouldn't start at last. so i tried installing uphuk all over again as a single os on a harddrive. and now im stuck at der darwin bootloader. i can choose the uphuk mac os and press enter but nothing happens. used the search engine but didn't find anything. config in signature any suggestions? regards
  11. Harddrive encryption

    Nope, I'm not asking for a windows application. Just asking for a application thats platform independent. Truecrypt is also available for most linux distribution. I'll have a look at "FileVault" Thanks
  12. Hi, didn't fiond anything via serach engine. So my question is: is there a tool available to encrypt harddrives like truecrypt?Or is it possible to access truecrypted partitions? I Would like to use is for an external harddrvie. Would be pleased if it could work with win XP Regards
  13. Hi, call me blind, but I don't find the "Info.plist". I downloaded the files above and there is no such file. some help please