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  1. Snow Leopard on a DELL XPS M1530

    Hello, tell me please, where it is possible to download a ready DSDT file under my configuration? Or where I can read as me to edit a DSDT file under the configuration? cpu: 2.2 (7500) ram: 2Gb hdd: 250Gb video: 8600 256mb Sorry for my English! Thx!
  2. SL on dell 1530

    Create it with programm mkextMaker!
  3. SL on dell 1530

    I have come across the following decision of a problem "mig_table", it is necessary to create a extensions.mkext independently and to place in a S/L/E and another place (find in Google). Do not forget to cure the permissions. And you have precisely installed Chameleon_v1012 on the necessary volume? It is necessary to put on on what there is a SL.
  4. SL on dell 1530

    Try to boot with "-x64".
  5. SL on dell 1530

    I use this metod of chameleon install http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/how-to-inst...-on-a-pc-t3137/
  6. SL on dell 1530

    Thx, keyboard work. How about sound?
  7. SL on dell 1530

    All keyboard issue decided yet, SL loaded only with -x64, but the sound never got to run, has anyone any ideas how to run the sound in 64 bits?
  8. SL on dell 1530

    Can U tell me how these "universal ps2 extensions" are called?
  9. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Who tell me, what kext's are load the keyboard? Sorry for my English.
  10. SL on dell 1530

    Who tell me, what kext's are load the keyboard?
  11. SL on dell 1530

    After installation for me following problems. It is started only through-x32. The keyboard does not work. Only external work. And permanently I catch a kernel panic. (Where LOG on this case lie?) Someone can help?????
  12. SL on dell 1530

    Thx to ALL I install SL, but keyboard don't work, any idea? And how U find a solution of "mig_table_max_displ = xx" problem?
  13. SL on dell 1530

    Can you give a reference to the method you used?
  14. SL on dell 1530

    Could you tell us how you install the snow leopard? I always jump out of panic, when I install from a leopard, and with a typical installation does not reach the installation.
  15. SL on dell 1530

    Good Luck!