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  1. J03Y098

    Atheros AR5B125 kext

    I have successfully installed 10.6 and 10.5 on two different emachine 355 netbooks which contain the specified atheros network card. Is there any kext or any editing that will make the wifi work? I looked through IO80211Family.kext and inside its contents/plugins folder I see AirportAtheros.kext and AirportAtheros21.kext. I've included a photo of what device manager showed me about the card. Please help me, wifi makes the world go round and without it these are no use.
  2. J03Y098

    os x on eMachine 355

    alright so specs are: Intel Atom (Single Core) 1GB ram Serial ATA hard drive anything else i'm missing thats important? But even though it wouldn't have QE/CI the hackintosh would still be usable right? I don't really care for the gaming or videos.
  3. J03Y098

    os x on eMachine 355

    Hello, I am currently trying to install os x on a eMachine 355 netbook laptop. Is there anyone out there who has already installed any version of os x on a netbook like this that could help me install? I've searched far and wide and no results of guides have come up. Thanks in advance.
  4. J03Y098

    Uninstalling Hackintosh

    I have had a good run with my hackintosh but I need to go back to my old windows 8.1 version. I booted into the Mac installation and used disk utility to erase the Mac partition (I had installed a single partition, not dual boot) and selected MS-DOS (FAT) and clicked erase. When I went back into the windows installation, it says windows can not be installed on my hard drive and I need to make a partition for it. How can i do this? Please help, I am completely stumped..
  5. I have successfully installed OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 on my Thinkpad T61. Everything is running smoothly, no problems at all, but the internet. I have replaced the standard Intel network card and replaced it with a Broadcom 4311 card. The bluetooth is working, the ethernet is working, but sadly the wi-fi is not. Airport says no new wifi devices have been found. I have looked everywhere for info and kexts and nothing has worked so far. I don't know if it could be a problem but my old Intel network card had three connections (TR1, RO, TR2) and the Broadcom card only has two (a white arrow and a black arrow). Any help would be greatly appreciated, hopefully I don't have to go back to Windows