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  1. Laptop stuck on blue screen

    I also have this problem with my dv1340us. Judging from others this seems to common on the HP's. I would love to be able to work in something other than safe mode. -Manticus
  2. I'm dual-booting 10.4.5 and XP on my HP dv1340us laptop. Most of the processes I've read so far have seemed pretty complicated, so here's what I did. Boot from 10.4.5 DVD Open "Disk Utility" from the installer, select the drive and divide it into 2 partitions Format the first as Mac filesystem of choice and the second as MS-DOS Quit "Disk Utility" and go back to the installer Install MacOS and setup as normal Boot from XP install CD Format the MS-DOS partition as NTFS and install XP as normal This will make the XP partition the active partition and you will be unable to boot into MacOS From here, we need to make the MacOS partition active. To do that, boot from a linux Live-CD (I used Unbuntu 5.10) Open a terminal As root, run fdisk on /dev/hda (fdisk is pretty easy to use it you read the prompts) Toggle the bootable flag off for the NTFS partition Toggle the bootable flag on for the MacOS partition Write the partition table and exit Reboot When the machine comes back up, the Darwin bootloader will automagically list MacOS and Windows NTFS to select from. Woohoo! Easy dual-booting! Have fun!
  3. I was already a Mac user, but was stuck with a Winblows laptop for school. Here's my Mac list: Home: 1.25 GHz DP G4 FW800 Mac Mini (Intel Solo) 12" iBook G3/900 iMac DV G3/400 Work: PowerMac G5 Dual-Core 2 GHz B&W G3/400 iMac DV G3/500 I'm finishing up my degree at DeVry and they require a Windows machine, so I bought an HP dv1340us (really great hardware!) The only way to make it perfect for me was to be able to dual-boot XP and Tiger. Now I can and I'm thrilled