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  1. 10.7.2 update issues

    There is one thing I need to add. I was not able to access iCloud. It seems that access to iCloud is based on your smbios. If Apple thinks you have an older Mac, it might deny you access to iCloud. There is a simple work-around. Get Chameleon Wizard and just change the serial number. You do that in the left side column. Start Chameon Wizard, SMBIOS->Edit then select the circular arrow on the left (next to the word 'select') Next click on both 'Randon' boxes and then click on 'Copy'. Save the file. You might need to reboot and done. You should now access iCloud
  2. 10.7.2 update issues

    I will attest, this works perfectly. I do remember doing this years ago and totally forgot about it Well done!!!
  3. And I thought I did not have a life. Existentialst firefighter delays 3 deaths
  4. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    For what it is worth, when Snow Leopard came out I decided I was going to totally revamp my rig, take full advantage of x64 and install on a RAID1 array. I am just getting too paranoid about loosing data. Also with Snow Leopard, I discovered I would not be able to use the full power of my old ATI 2600 Pro video card so I searched around and settled on the nVidia 9400 GT card. This seemed like the best card for my system (and wallet). Everything went swimmingly on a single disk install, no RAID. The best part was I did not have to even load any new kexts. All the nvida kexts were vanilla and no enablers needed. Seems all I needed to do was to add to my com.apple.boot.plist was 'GraphicsEnabler = Yes'. Got everything, QE/CI, full detection, etc. When I installed it on my RAID! setup, it did not work. I tried using different kexts, patches, enablers, etc. I tried putting the kext files, enablers, etc in my /Extra folder in EFI, in my root, in my S/L/E folder. Nada. I poured through forum after forum and nothing worked. A lot of very nice people helped me out but nothing seemed to work. I would get close, QE/CI and some info in the System Profile but not all. And I would have a problem with Screen Resizing too; I was stuck at 1024x768. I was just about to give up and revert to a single disk for my OS but I gave it one more shot. Another clean install and all I did for the video was to run the OSX86tools. I chose custom card, entered the name for the card, added the GFX string to my boot.plist, crossed my fingers and wow, it worked. The nvidia kext files I have are vanilla and they do not have my device id's in them. When I do add the device id's, I just get a blue screen upon boot. No enabler needed. I do have screen resizing and everything is detected in System Profiler. My video card has one VGA and one DVI port. I should add that it is important to know, when using OSX86tools, the correct layout of the ports. Get them backwards and you will just get a black (or blue) screen. The only reason I never used OSX86tools before was for my first card, ATI 1600 Pro, I patched it successfully. (maybe you heard?) And for my ATI 2600 Pro, OSX86tools would not work properly. I would just have to patch instead. So with not much luck with the tools, I did not bother. But I can attest to it now, OSX86tools is awesome and worked wonderfully. I hope this is help to at least one other person.
  5. I also have an Asus P5LD2 mobo with 882 sound. I used this guide to install Snow Leopard http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...183751&st=0 And then I just put in the kext folder the voodoohda kext and let it be installed. And then there was sound.
  6. All-new InsanelyMac website

    I've been at my local Apple store; went on a few units and locked the safari homepage to osx86
  7. I use my Hackintosh as my main computer. I go have used Mac Pros and I own a dual core Powermac and I just love the configurability I have on my Hack No loss of performance at all
  8. WTC 7 "collapse" (MSNBC live)

    George, I agree with Social Swimmer, you will never, ever get people like mp3228 to see reason. They have been on the Kool Aid way too long. People like mp3228 are convinced in their own mind. It is sadly ironic; people of his ilk will want us all to have an open mind, to listen to all points of view. In other words, accept what they preach. They totally believe that because they are "open minded" enough, that they alone have found the "truth" and we must all be like them yet they cannot ever accept anyone else's point of view. I call that naked hypocrisy.
  9. [How To] ALC882 Sound

    Update[/] It seems like strange elves restored my Hackintosh durning the night. When I booted up my unit this morning, again, my sound was gone but I just reversed the jacks (back to their original positions) and voila, correct sound. Don;t ask me to explain
  10. [How To] ALC882 Sound

    Look below to see my specs. Working with alc882 audio I had been having a hell of a time to get my sound to work with the update. The icon disappeared in the menu bar. I just went to reinstall the kext files. Icons reappeared but no sound. I patched the files yet no sound. I could tell that the patches worked because the speakers would make a noise on boot up and shut down. I could see it offered line in, mic in, etc. but no line out. Then it occurred to me, put my speaker jack into my mic. For whatever reason, the 10.5.6 update reversed my audio input and output.
  11. Geeze, did these tech people come from redmond?
  12. mac pro case !

  13. I have tried the same thing and I am still getting the same error you are. I have also installed LEopard server on a real mac and it works fine. I have copied the image to my Hack and it will not run. Something up with running it on a hack.
  14. Apple is sending me a free iPod shuffle

    I wasn't making fun of you. Not at all. And my camera's batteries were dead just as the alien saucer landed or I would have had pictures.