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  1. @jamiethemorris Yes I agree with you. So for now I'm just using apple drivers, and everything actually works well. I'm just curious what values is injected in clover, and if there is any way of checking it..
  2. I think I got the reason why all these things happened - as soon as I installed the nvidia web driver, the fan rpm is not sensing properly. I am indeed using the same fakesmc version. I have now uninstalled the nvidia web driver and the fan is detected properly. I wonder what is the advantage of using the web driver instead of the apple drivers?
  3. edeseven

    nVidia GTX 780 AGPM patch in Yosemite 10.10

    Looks good!! I don't think my kepler boost is working properly too, but I'm not sure what's the best way to figure this out Are you still using fakeid injection to get AGPM working?
  4. which fakesmc are you using? I think I have tried multiple versions of fakesmc, but none can detect the fan speed. and another thing, which gtx780 do you have? GK110 or GK110B? thanks
  5. I'm currently using Asus GTX780 - GK110. My setup is working well apart from few issues, and I'm booting using Clover with patched DSDT. I'm using the latest web driver available - 343.01.02f01. AGPM controller is loaded by plist editing to match my dev id. The card is working OOB without injection, but HWMonitor is not reporting correct GPU fan RPM - the value is stuck at 19rpm. To fix this, I used inject nVidia, and then HWMonitor is reporting correct fan RPM values. However, after waking up from sleep fan RPM value is back to 19rpm. But more worrying is that GPU core and memory is running at max speed which suggest some issue with power management as well. Plus by using inject method - VRAM value is not set properly, has to be injected as well. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Or can anyone test and see if you can reproduce the issue? Without injection - fan RPM stuck at 19rpm With injection - fan RPM correct values With injection, after sleep - fan RPM stuck at 19rpm, GPU Core and Memory at maximum Any help please?
  6. edeseven

    nVidia GTX 780 AGPM patch in Yosemite 10.10

    Thanks @The Real Deal I did your FakeID method in clover - can confirm that this works!! I did not use the FixDisplay and NewWay fix in clover, do we really need to use these as well? However will this faked injection method change anything else? I mean in terms on the nvidia drivers etc? And do you know how can we check the p-states for our graphic cards?
  7. Just to share some findings, I have been trying to sort out my GTX 780 power management. I've got the card running OOB using native Apple drivers, and it works well with nVidia web drivers too. I'm currently using nvidia web driver 343.01.01f01. My card is GK110, with device id 1004. I have seen from other forum post saying that GPU power management depends on SMBios.plist used, and whether your DSDT table says IGPU or GFX0. For example, I have used MacBookPro11,2 SMBios.plist to get extra p-states for my CPU, but then AGPM Controller will say unknown device in the log as MacbookPro is using IGPU for matching instead of GFX0. So I changed my SMBios.plist back to iMac14,2 and I got AGPM kext loaded but no power management was matched properly to my GFX0. I changed the Info.plist in AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext to match my device id. I have chosen Vendor10deDevice119d which I think is GTX 780M and changed it to my device id - Vendor10deDevice1004. On reboot I can see that AGPM controller is loaded properly - kernel[0]: [AGPM Controller] build GPUDict by Vendor10deDevice1004 I then run some benchmark test which showed massive difference, without the patch the Cinebench R15 OpenGL test only managed to get around 60fps, and with the patch it runs at 105 fps. HW monitor also showed GPU core increased from 324Mhz to 1 GHz, and GPU memory from 648 Mhz to 6 GHz. I did try to patch the Info.plist using clover but I didn't work, I'm not sure whether it is because of the OSBundleRequired issue or my patch is not done properly. If anyone can advise it would be very helpful. <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>Nvidia ID AGPM</string> <key>Find</key> <string>Vendor10deDevice119e</string> <key>InfoPlistPatch</key> <true/> <key>Name</key> <string>AppleGraphicsPowerManagement</string> <key>Replace</key> <string>Vendor10deDevice1004</string> </dict> Happy days!!
  8. hi just a quick update though my hack is not working anymore.. i dont know what's wrong.. installed pc efi v9, patched dsdt (with error though) and proceed to update. now cannot boot, waiting for root device error. i think it was the problem with dsdt, or pc efi was not installed correctly. i don't know what to do now, probably I would just reformat it later on.
  9. my headphone jack is working atm, I just need to select appropriate sound output in system preferences. i haven't updated my system to 10.5.6 yet, so i'm not sure whats wrong with your headphone jack. and I never restored my system, I never had any backup anyway. probably you need to set bootloader again after you restored your backup. I think the backup does not include any bootloader setting. I never used ideneb or kalyway, so I'm not sure how they set up the bootloader. I still use efi v8, and i use windows bootloader bcdedit to set my boot settings. anyway how do i patch dsdt? I haven't been using mac for ages now. Is it really needed for 10.5.6 update? edit: I'm not sure about cpu problem that everyone mentioned because I only manage to change my cpu to core solo, not dual core. probably they have different chipset, mine is 940GML.
  10. hey fayze Good to see that you still maintaining this thread. I have not yet upgraded to 10.5.6 yet, I'm still on 10.5.5. Any special precautions that I need to know before I do the upgrade? To everyone else who upgraded their processor: what chipset are you using? Mine is 940 GML. Just wondering if I can go higher than T1350 that I currently use.
  11. no I don't think my internal mic is working, never had it working anyway
  12. Try Jmicron sata port, the purple sata port
  13. try to turn wireless off before sleep, probably it will work that way
  14. if you use pacifist, you can extract AppleHDA.kext from you Audio package installer. Anyway I just attach mine here, so that you can use it. AppleHDA.kext.zip
  15. i think our audio is similar which is ALC883. You still have to use the patched AppleHDA.kext, but you don't have to use ALCInject.kext. Try that and see if that works for you.