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  1. Man, a big thanks from Paris France! Your guide saved my mood. I was fighting to get it work, i discovered your posts, and it was magic... Thank you very much. I've got a GA P35 DS3 R and it works. Peace Romainky
  2. Gigabyte GA-945GCMX-S2 NO SATA

    Hello, i didn t try tonight but i will tomorrow night. I'll post tomorrow night so. Just a question? You think i've to try the "loading default settings in the bios"? That's it? Peace Romainky
  3. Gigabyte GA-945GCMX-S2 NO SATA

    Tank you mr(mss?) B' :-) I'll try tonight around 9pm (france time) I'm about to change my card, but i dont want to surrender, 'cause i trust all you, users of that car that have it working! Could you tell me how to change the bios to original? I've updated in F6 (with internet). Will the original bios support my E6550 proc (core 2 duo 2,33ghz)? I was about to put the old one i found on the net, but was scared to have my card not booting after. What do you think? Thanks a LOT for your Help. I think it should be nice if you could tell me your bios settings too. Peace Romainky
  4. GIGABYTE GA-945GCMX-S2 with Leopard

    Hello, Can you tell me what version of bios and firmware version you put back? I cant have my sata drive recognized in diskutility and i think you had that problem no? You would be nice to help me! Peace Romainky
  5. Gigabyte GA-945GCMX-S2 NO SATA

    Hello, thank you for that response, i'll try to format with my "real" mac and to retry.But i think i allready used my full 250 Go formated journaled HFS, and it was not recognized...I'll do that now and let you know, precisely what i did.Thank you for your interest, i stay in touch.PeaceRomainkyPs : i found other posts telling that it should be a bios parameter or else. I've to try i think.I just upgrading my bios version, but maybe its better with an old one... Dont know.Oh i forgot :The diskutility of the kalyway's installer or other (iatkos etc...) dont see my disk. I cant format with the installer's diskutility, i just see my Dvd reader (PATA)That's why i thinked it was in bios or what.PeaceRomainky
  6. Hello i cant have my sata drive recognized when i try to install with kalyway, iatkos... Somebody can help me? I cant find ( and i think there is no way) to have AHCI ON or OFF (i think that card doens't propose raid no?) So, if somebody can help me, i dont understand why that card seems that cool on Wiki? It don't work for me... Thank you all very much. Peace from Paris France Romainky
  7. BIG UP ZUZA! BIG UP ALL OF YOU! It works, just don't write "sudo". write (in terminal) : diskutil mergePartitions "Journaled HFS+" New disk...............etc... The word "New" must be writen. Don't know the sense but it works like this. Then, when reboot, the reboot will fail. YOU NEED Akronis to mark the disk as ACTIVE. Then my reboot failed another way with that "all language" message with "you need to restart ..." I restarted with anger, then it WORKED. DONT GIVE UP! Peace Romainky
  8. Hello, i 'm french, and about to make kalyway's leo perfectly working on my Pc. But, my USR 5417 wireless pci card is not recognized anymore. I did install the Leo flat image and it was recognized. But the fact that 15gb partition is to small pushed me to try Kalyway's version. Could somebody tell me if there's a driver to check at install, because i dont understand really good the differences between options!! You would be very nice to help me, i'm about to have a perfect install!! Thanks a LOT. Romanodelpiano (Paris france)