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  1. applescript Folder tree by date

    First, I don't really care if this is applescript or automator, or shell script I just want it to work. here is what I need: On computer 1 I have a folder that is keeping some log files. Every sunday I want my server to scp the log files from the computer to a folder on the server. I want the folder structure to be year\month\day\* I would prefer the month to be number, but I'm willing to give that up. This might be really simple, but I don't know scripting at all. thank you thank you thank you
  2. Sharing Home directory

    I have a machine that runs windows7 and OS X Leopard, I wanted to try to make it where the desktop, documents, pictures, music and video directories were the same folders, so that I didn't have to have multiple copies of each file, or try to figure out which side i saved a file to. is this possible? I tried just changing the mapping in OS X to a NTFS drive, but then that user account wouldn't log in again, and I had to roll it back.
  3. I got the retail OS X to install. I have it on a partition, and have a backup partition using Carbon Copy. It boots and runs just great If I boot to easy boot 123 CD, but it hangs if I just boot to the drive. I followed the EFI directions (here) but it didn't work. I would love to have it boot no CD needed, no menu just strait into OS X. but would settle for having a Boot123 menu where I select the HD manually each time. I will have Win7 on a second HD but with my computer If I need to boot into windows I can hit F12 and select the other drive. so that shouldn't be a huge issue right?
  4. Getting EFI to boot

    Any suggestions are helpful. I'm a noob so it might be something stupid simple.
  5. Getting EFI to boot

    I used the very well written guide located here:http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=127330 and it worked great. I have leopard running, but I can't get it to boot on it's own. If I don't use Boot 1-2-3, it starts to boot, but where there should be a white screen with the apple symbol, i just get a white screen, with the little spinning hash marks forever. I'm so close I can taste it, but it's not quite there. would installing Chameleon help fix this? Also, with a full install how do I add in the kexts for my onboard sound and such? Thanks for all the help guys.
  6. I've followed the steps and it worked, until the reboot. the mac symbol flashes just for a slit second and the computer reboots, does this mean my hardware isn't compatible?