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  1. what was the solution? what configuration did you use?
  2. @xeon3d https://github.com/Floris497/mac-pixel-clock-patch-V2
  3. i love to test it... at the moment i am unable to boot up my hackintosh.. with snow leopard server no kp .. its just stoping ... but i just follow a normal snow leopard guide.. perhaps there are some differents with the server version... is there any guide for setting up snow leopard server?
  4. luxus

    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    i hope u will add more help too all the options .. hard to find out what each option does.. or perhaps a tutorial will do... at best a small video will be the coolest solution
  5. perhaps i am a little bit slow... does it works on a 8800 gts 320mb? and where i get the bios? sry i am tired... perhaps i better should come back when i am not so sleepy
  6. testing etui... i getting this msg bash-3.2# mount_efi Determining EFI disk identifier (please wait): /bin/mount_efi: line 31: [: too many arguments disk0s1Error: EFI partition could not be mounted to /Volumes/EFI
  7. hello, it its really drive my nuts... i have a 8800gts with 320 ram everything went right i think.. add efistrings to my com.Boot.plist (from efistudio). everything looks perfect... but when a transparent popup from growl come up or i play a video my system gets slow... mouse scrolling getting slow.. when i drag a window the video nearly stop playing even typing lags a littlebit on the popups on strange thing is that warcraft3 is running ok... not perfect but it is ok.. can anyone help me? i really really am frustrated greetings
  8. i have similar problems... when growl show a notice in this moment my keyboard input lag. when i watch youtube and growl pops up or chat the video lags... when i watch a quicktime movie and drag firefox at the same time.. quicktime start to lag... my hardware is ok... but i dont know what i am missing ps switching dvi port dont help
  9. hello, i really try hard to find out how i fix it myself.. but i cant get udma working xbench show me Random: Uncached Write 6.23 0.66 MB/sec [4K blocks] i use Munky Retail installtion with EFI partion retail leopard and update to 10.5.6 ga-965p ds3 ich8 in system profiler i see my serial-ata device and everythings looks fine... but the preformance is not right can anyone explain me what kext are working for fast disk preformance?! greetings
  10. i got a problem with 5.1 sound.. when i play a hd movie 720p the sound have some cracking sound... i dont think it is a cpu problem c2c 3,2ghz should be enough anyone know any tips? edit... ok.. .even on the test mp3s from oxtie i have the cracking sound on buffering ... (when i play it again after it is full loaded it plays normal)
  11. for me the problem was the wrong bluetooth dongle.. i buy a new one from ebay that is more compatible ( D-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter DBT- 120) with osx.. i was not able to connect my apple wireless keyboard with my old (newer) bluetooth dongle
  12. luxus

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    sry perhaps it is a stupid question..but there is no solution to get more then stereo sound from my alc888? i have a 5.1 set with 3 audio jacks
  13. thanks macaroo works fine for me