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  1. Just managed to install El Capitan with iAtkos package. I trying to figure out why I can't have a dual screen mode. I have two Dell monitors attached to their respective DVI connectors. Main screen works well (some glitches). When I go into "Displays" and select the Tab "Display", I should be able to press the ⌘ and see the detect displays to appears. That does not work. I tried plugging one Monitor at boot time then plug the other one. That does not work either. Confused... Does that actually works ?
  2. Any links for that ? I actually tried to remove all video kext as stated in this link: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288869-installing-ml-on-an-asus-a8jr-installer-wont-boot-up/?hl=%2Bide That worked ! Anyhow... would be better if I could get a native driver... but for the meantime that's a good start. Let me know where I can get the jMicron driver ... Thx !
  3. No, as I stated, I have IDE drive. My BIOS settings are fine since it works on Lion... but thx anyhow
  4. System specs: ASUS P5Q Turbo Intel Core 2 Quad Core XEON 500 Gb IDE drive (triple boot with Windows 7 / iAtkos L2 (working - no specific video driver) / iAtkos ML2 (only safe mode) nVidia GeForce 610M 8Gb RAM Last year, I successfully installed iAtkos L2 on my system. I had an old graphic card which was not working with OSX lion anyway. Just had to delete the drive ATIRadeon(xxx).kext and things where working fine. I had to replace this kext from this link: AppleVIAATA.kext . http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=188157&do=findComment&comment=1327171 This all went well. This year I decide to go with iAtkos ML2. Burned at DVD DL... Try to install but kept getting waiting for device. Finally figured that it was not seeing my IDE drive. So I modified my iAtkosML2.dmg (by using the hdiutil convert tool). Then added the the AppleVIAATA.kext to it. Then burnted another DVD DL. This time it worked but it is extremely slow at some steps. So installed it all with specs coming from another forum: http://iatkos.me/forum/viewtopic.php?t=23112 Then I used my OSX Lion partition to boot and copied into the ML drive /System/Library/Extensions the AppleVIAATA.kext file. Rebooted with ML in safe mode and things are good. Tried various scenarios to get it to boot in normal mode but hangs near the end of the boot. The boot log is very similar at the end whether it is in safe mode or normal mode.... Just wondering if anyone has similar problems. BTW I just changed my graphic card for a newer one hoping that it would solved the problem but no... Any ideas ?
  5. Broadcom BCM5787M/BCM5784M - A solution

    Hi, I have a Dell XPS 1640 with iAtkos v7 / Leopard 10.5.7. My device property on Vista tells me that the card is a Broadcom 14e4:1698 ... not 1693. Will it explain why I cannot get the driver to work ?
  6. You have to boot with -x -v (ie debug mode). Then you have to manually remove the atiradeon200.kext manually in debug mode. As I said earlier you need to download VoodooPS2.kext for it to work and uncheck PS2 driver in the installation. There are no drivers for the video card (not Leopard nor on Snow Leopard).
  7. I have a Dell XPS 1640. I managed to install Snow Leopard with 10.6.2 seek files sharing : with Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.0 Patched for PC You need a USB dongle with at least 8gb. Make sure you set device mode when flashing. Also, use default setting during installation. After boot in safe mode and delete the file ATIRadeonX200.kext. You should be able to boot normally. No success at installing network and wireless. Any one on this ? Can u use a kext from Leopard release on Snow Leopard ?