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  1. iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    Hi! I also had problems with my 8500 GT ( 10 x install) until I found how to do it. after first install use EFI studio or osx86 tools ( I made the string with osx86 tools and injected it with EFI Studio), after that removed the nvinjext.kext, repir and reboot with -f. now i have 1680x1050 and qi and quartz. If you already have the blue screen then reboot with -x Hope it helps.
  2. Hi, Nice thing, but iweb doesn't works => all menus are greyed Waiting for the new release tomorrow...
  3. NTFS problem again

    Hi , Install MAc fuse and 3g OR Paragon, not both. 2nd point : if you don't shut down windows properly, then the drives ntfs drives are locked. regards
  4. Hi First thx for your efforts Taruga! MY mobo ASUS P5B with ADI1988A: Kext loaded and nothing. Bye
  5. Home and End keys dont work?

    Thanks Finetuned, exactly what i searched for
  6. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi, Someone managed to get an AD (Soundmax) 888-A as in P5B Standard fully working ? (more than 2-chan) thx
  7. Leopard does not shutdown properly...

    Hi, I got the same problem. Installed EFI 5.2, time machine running and so on, but unable to shut down. I know there are a few versions from ionetworking, which one do you use? regards
  8. Hi, I just managed to install EFI and also update to 10.5.1 on my p5b c2d. I got 3 problems: 1)About this mac tell me i got a core solo 2) sytem profiler just crash. 3)Before I was unable to wake up from sleep, now i'm unable to go to sleep because the pc wake up after 1 second some1 an idea? regards
  9. Does EFI bootloader not work with flat image?

    Hi, I just installed EFI for 5 mins over flat image, and it works very well. I only replaced the kernel and the smbios files, all other still the same as from flat. For the 1st time , my time machine works. Only issue left: about this mac shows a core2 solo and i got a core 2 duo. Geekbench says 2 logical cpu, 1 hardware cpu..
  10. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi, Sorry but I didn't read the whole 133(!!!!) ages of this thread, 1)does the patscher work with leopard? 2)any chance to make my ad1988A fully work with this ? Many thx
  11. TimeMachine fails backup

    Hi, I got another problem, T&M doesn't show any HD to backup at all! For the rest all works fine on my p5B mobo. I got the flat install. Maybe som1 an idea?
  12. Finder noch in Englisch

    Wenn du das original image von macosx hast, mounten, zusatzinstallationen starten und german packet wählen
  13. Pas d'iAtkos pour aujourd'hui

    Ben donne voir l'adresse du forum
  14. Pas d'iAtkos pour aujourd'hui

    Qui dit qu'il n'y aura pas de iatkos aujourd'hi? Le forum est down mais ils ont rien dit non? AU fait..demonoid is dead!
  15. iatkos download?

    Wisst ihr wie man in uphuck forum reinkommt??