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  1. olivier-h

    iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    Hi! I also had problems with my 8500 GT ( 10 x install) until I found how to do it. after first install use EFI studio or osx86 tools ( I made the string with osx86 tools and injected it with EFI Studio), after that removed the nvinjext.kext, repir and reboot with -f. now i have 1680x1050 and qi and quartz. If you already have the blue screen then reboot with -x Hope it helps.
  2. Hi, Nice thing, but iweb doesn't works => all menus are greyed Waiting for the new release tomorrow...
  3. olivier-h

    NTFS problem again

    Hi , Install MAc fuse and 3g OR Paragon, not both. 2nd point : if you don't shut down windows properly, then the drives ntfs drives are locked. regards
  4. Hi First thx for your efforts Taruga! MY mobo ASUS P5B with ADI1988A: Kext loaded and nothing. Bye
  5. olivier-h

    Home and End keys dont work?

    Thanks Finetuned, exactly what i searched for
  6. olivier-h

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi, Someone managed to get an AD (Soundmax) 888-A as in P5B Standard fully working ? (more than 2-chan) thx
  7. olivier-h

    Leopard does not shutdown properly...

    Hi, I got the same problem. Installed EFI 5.2, time machine running and so on, but unable to shut down. I know there are a few versions from ionetworking, which one do you use? regards
  8. Hi, I just managed to install EFI and also update to 10.5.1 on my p5b c2d. I got 3 problems: 1)About this mac tell me i got a core solo 2) sytem profiler just crash. 3)Before I was unable to wake up from sleep, now i'm unable to go to sleep because the pc wake up after 1 second some1 an idea? regards
  9. olivier-h

    Does EFI bootloader not work with flat image?

    Hi, I just installed EFI for 5 mins over flat image, and it works very well. I only replaced the kernel and the smbios files, all other still the same as from flat. For the 1st time , my time machine works. Only issue left: about this mac shows a core2 solo and i got a core 2 duo. Geekbench says 2 logical cpu, 1 hardware cpu..
  10. olivier-h

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi, Sorry but I didn't read the whole 133(!!!!) ages of this thread, 1)does the patscher work with leopard? 2)any chance to make my ad1988A fully work with this ? Many thx
  11. olivier-h

    TimeMachine fails backup

    Hi, I got another problem, T&M doesn't show any HD to backup at all! For the rest all works fine on my p5B mobo. I got the flat install. Maybe som1 an idea?
  12. olivier-h

    Finder noch in Englisch

    Wenn du das original image von macosx hast, mounten, zusatzinstallationen starten und german packet wählen
  13. olivier-h

    Pas d'iAtkos pour aujourd'hui

    Ben donne voir l'adresse du forum
  14. olivier-h

    Pas d'iAtkos pour aujourd'hui

    Qui dit qu'il n'y aura pas de iatkos aujourd'hi? Le forum est down mais ils ont rien dit non? AU fait..demonoid is dead!
  15. olivier-h

    iatkos download?

    Wisst ihr wie man in uphuck forum reinkommt??