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  1. Intel Wireless driver

    hi, do you know if Intel 4965agn run on 1.4.10 ? On linux Run successfull, with NDiswrapper and with mac80211. Do you know if run on OSX ? (possible to compile iwlwifi it on OSX ?) Regards
  2. Topic sur les cartes directx 10 sous Mac OS X

    Bonjour, J'ai une carte 8600M sur mon portable pensez-vous qu'elle peut fonctionner ?
  3. Hi, i try to install tiger. But can i start directly with Toh dvd image ? on empty hd ? regards Oups, Sorry, I see on first page is just to upgrade to leopard ;-)But, if i install tiger 1.4.8 with JAS DVD, can i upgrade with Toh DVD image to leopard ?All version of tiger can be upgrade ?
  4. Hi, I have donwload two DVD.iso of Mac OSX86. First Uhpuch 1.4.9, Second 1.4.8 JAS....SSE2 & SSE3. Impossible for me to access my SATA Hard drive with the First installation DVD Uhpuch. With the second i can start installation and i see my hard drive, create partition etc... Great, but when i've finish installation system osx tell me in Black windows, "you need restart your computer. Hold down the power ......." Have you an idea ? I must selecting specific packets ? Regards
  5. ok, ahci is ever enable ;-) Where i can found compatibilities hardware ? I ask me, if my wireless Intel 4965 run on tiger and leopard. Regards
  6. SHOARTING, Ok i do just one partition in Fat 32. I have a 160gb hard drive capacity. If i do one partiton of 80gb and nothing after, it's ok ? Tiger just install in fat32 ?
  7. SHOARTHING, I found an DVD on newbins, this dvd do 1,1gb a name is Uphuck Tiger 1.4.9 R3. I download it. After can you help me to start install ?
  8. Ok thank's for your response. How many partition to install Tiger ? 2 ? one to bootloader + one contain system tiger ?
  9. hello world, I am new in this world. I want to join you under OSX. I would like to install Leopard on my laptop. Is it possible to install Leopard on a blank disc? I downloaded it (http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1408861/1690606/) to prepare Hard Drive and the installation image ToH_x86_9A581_RC2.iso. Can you help me to start? Regards
  10. HI, I 'm newbie in this world, i'm Linux an Microsoft user. I want to try installing Osx on my laptop. I have a question, is possible to install on blank hard drive ? What must i do to start firstime ? I read the Brazilmac installation Guide. I have this disc to create a new disc (http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1408861/1690606/) I have the ToH_x86_9A581_RC2.iso Can you help me to start my installation ? Regards