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  1. ML on Thinkpad t430s

    Hi I am also having ThinkPad t430s (i5 3320M@2.60 Ghz/Intel HD 4000 + NVS 5200M) config. with windows 8 pre installed. I am new to here. I would really appreciate help from moderators here clarifying few thing. 1> As per the above post as well as http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=3101 i got the raw file. 2> I sucssesfully burned raw file in windows to usb drive using win32diskimager then using TransMac I moved out required kext for Graphics and kernelcache. 3> But now when I boot to usb drive it shows me Clover bootloader menu ui. Upon selecting Install Mac option system hang after DSMOS Arrived error. I checked clicking gear like menu in clover it has default boot options as " -v npci-0x2000 " After searching thro' forums I tried " -v -f npci-0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=no" and "cpus=1", "-s" combinations but each time it stops at DSMOS Arrived error. Am I missing something here? I believe FakeSMC.kext required postinstallation so may not be the reason? I don't have running mac with me Is it compulsory here to have running mac in this case? If so is it impossible to install Mac w/o Mac? I tried pressing 1 as soon as computer boots to check if Chameleon present but nothing happens and Clover bootloader menu comesup. Any help please?
  2. Infinite ACPI_smc ctrl-loop

    hi all I am trying to install 10.5.2(kalyway) ver. also i had 10.5.1 , 10.5.3 and 10.4.6. But it gets hangs up as soon as installation begins at same place mentioned above by Moondaboo PC Configuration : Qcore 6600(2.4GHz/1066FSB/8MB L2 Cache), 2 GB ram, 250 HDD(SATA) and on board(G33FB) graphics card. I have already tried with the all suggestions above mentioned but still having the same problem...
  3. input/output error

    Hi I am having ATA HDD but I am getting the same error.