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  1. really? Great news... I always thought that atom cpus were not supported. Which tool did you use to prepare the usb stick? Thanks
  2. May I just ask you how did you do it? The yoga book runs on an atom x5. Or you are just using an emulated ox on a virtual machine? Thanks!
  3. could this text also be useful for the veneu 11 touchpad, that if I'm not wrong is I2C as well? Thank you very much and keep up the good work!
  4. Hi guys, it's a long since I've tried for the last time OSX on my i5 venue 11. At the moment I'm considering the idea of selling it. Does anyone of you guys was able to get stand-by and keyboard touchpad working at the end? It would be a real gamechanger for me
  5. allright, thank you for your informations. I think that I'll go for a ME906E to use on windows for the moment. Later on I'll investigate and I'll try to have it to work on OSX too
  6. I need to buy a WWAN card for my Venue 11 pro and I would ideally like to buy a M.2 card that could be recognised by OSX in the future. Since it seems that the Huawei ME906E (I'm in Europe) doesn't work under OSX, do you guys know any other card that I could buy to test (other than the Sierra EM7335 that blankmac has already tried)? Thank you
  7. very strange ... I just hope that sooner or later we will find the way to make the touchpad work
  8. Great. At this stage sleep would be very useful but not strictly necessary, but having the touchpad working from my point of view would be a game changer. Maybe we could ask someone else for an advice... Rehabman, for example, the guy who who is behing voodooPS2 controller. What do you guys think about it?
  9. Thank you so much for the pictures! Very nice mod. I'm thinking about starting by removing the exaust vent mesh, as already suggested. I'm just a little concerned about the possibility that on the long run dust and dirt could get inside the unit more easily from there. What do you think about it? Just the last question, guys: last week I got an i5 4300Y 4GB model, but I still have to find the time to try an OSX install on this machine though. Before starting, I just would like to know which is the situation about the compatibility at the moment. I don't mind if the touchscreen doesn't work, but I just would like to know if you guys in the meanwhile were able to get standby and the touchpad of the mobile keyboard to work.
  10. Very interesting! Would it be possible to have a picture of this mod? It sounds really useful. Does the copper plate stays over the battery as well? I've seen some mods where they were using a large copper plate but that was lying over the battery as well, and I think that the battery would be damaged from the heat on the long run.