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  1. Hi Guys , I'm trying to find the release but can't seem to locate it. Could someone PM a link to the torrent? MOD EDIT: This users account has been suspended for two weeks, and posting ability disabled for 60 days. A warning to those who would ask for torrents.
  2. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    Hi all. after a year I decided to give OSX another chance on my ACER7720G. iAtkos installed like a charm and i got my ALC268 and BCM5787M working. Update went fine. Now can anyone tell me how to get two cores working on my Intel Core Duo T7500 ?? Thanks to iAtkos team !!
  3. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    Hi Guys , Where did this update .dmg come from? It's not on the apple site. Is it an official one? Will it replace the com.apple.Boot.plist ? I'm using EFI strings for video and sound.
  4. Andrea look at the sticky's on top of the forum page. There's a guide by I am me. Read it.
  5. Andrea , you can't install retail Leopard on MBR. It will not let you install it on MBR.
  6. I am me !! Finally did it. Finally I got my second HDD booting with GUID following BJMoose's guide. A lot of work but effective. Now your dual booting guide, could you be more specific on how to make the extra partition for Vista? Does OSX name it boot_camp by itself? And when do we have to put back the boot0 , because Vista reboots a lot before it's finished. I really want to try to have a dual boot drive with OSX and Vista. Thanks.
  7. Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    Hi Guys , My 7720G 602G32MN came with two HDD's each 160 GB !!!! There's even a model with two 250 GB HDD's in it now.
  8. Kalyway. Hi , I've been trying installing your distro on guid on my laptop in GUID. It works very well on MBR but it seems that my Aspire 7720G will not boot from GPT. Someone told me to manually install EFI v8 but I think your DVD should be installing EFI , activating the partition and make the boot1h and boot0 entries. Am I right about that? The only BIOS setting that I can change is the AHCI/IDE . If MBR works , should it work on GUID as well? Aspire 7720G , C2D T7500 2,2 MHZ , 2Gb RAM , 2 x 160Gb HDD.
  9. Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    Aspire 7720G Help?? Hi , I have an Aspire 7720G with two HDD's in it. I installed Kalyway and iATKOS on the second HDD formatted as MBR. Now I want to try out GUID so I erased the second HDD and reformatted as GUID. Installed Kalyway with the EFI_GUID option selected. The installation went fine but at reboot the system will not boot from that second HDD but boots right back into VISTA. There's not even an ERROR or something. Any clues?
  10. i am...me Please help me out here.. Hi I have succesfully installed both Kalyway and iATKOS on my second HDD formatted as MBR. Worked just fine. Now I am trying to get it to work on GUID so I erased the HDD with all zero's and partitioned as GUID and went along installing Kalyway with the Boot_GUID option selected. The installation went fine but at reboot when I select the second HDD in the boot device selection menu there is that white cursor in the top-left for a few secoonds and then the machine boots directly into the first HDD with Vista. On the first HDD there is a recovery partition before the Vista partition that is called EISA configuration in Vista's disk utility. Do you have any idea? I am on a Aspire notebook 7720G with T7500 C2D 2.2 MHz , 2x HDD 160 , Gb 2MB ram
  11. Kalyway and GUID

    OK tried the Blessing. No go. Anyone??
  12. Kalyway and GUID

    Hi Sticman, thanks for the reply. Wich partition should be active? Is it the EFI partition (the first one) or the partition with the Leopard installation on it? Where can I find the bless sequence? Thanks
  13. Kalyway and GUID

    Hi, I am on a Aspire 7720G with 2 HDD's in it. On the first there is the recovery partition and Vista. On the second I installed both Kalyway and iATKOS on MBR partition table. Now I want to try GUID. So I erased the second HDD with all zeros and partitioned it as GUID. I installed Kalyway with Boot_GUID selected. Installation went fine but the machine refuses to boot of the second HDD. When I select the second HDD in boot selection menu I see the cursor in the top left for a few seconds and then the machine boots into Vista without going through the POST again so it's not a reboot of the machine. Can someone help me on this?
  14. Can't get leopard to boot!

    Hi Stofio , same prob here with Aspire 7720G with 2 HDD's. On the first one there is Vista and the recovery partition , on the second I had installed iATKOS and Kalyway on MBR. Both worked fine. After changing to GUIDand installing Kalyway it will not boot anymore from second HDD. Maybe it's got something to do with that recovery partition wich is in the beginning of HDD 1.
  15. Thanks for your reply. I tried a couple of times installing Kalyway 10.5.1 on my second HDD as GUID , installation is fine but it will not boot from that second HDD. Do you have any idea?