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  1. iDeneb v1 10.5.4

    Is it just me or there lots of people having issues with this release compared to the others that are out these days? Hopefully a 10.5.5 Install disk will be coming out in the coming weeks
  2. Make your hardware work in 1 click

    Hey Buddy, I'll beta test for you been working on Macs and linux for a while now. I have a Gateway MX6956 Intel GMA950, My laptop is the most common set up around for most users so I think beta testing on my machine would be perfect for you,
  3. Hard to believe but update in the works

    Hi Eddie, First off thank you for the amazing work your DVD is the Best one by far for my system which is a GMA950 C2D Gateway MX6956. My only suggestion would be the chu-nan kexts since they seems to fix many of the issues that are out there. Also a good selection of applications like you did in your other releases. Chameleon, OSx86_Tools app, and things like that. Thank you Austin
  4. AppleACPIPS2Nub for Leopard only

    I some issues with the .kext I have attached the System.log for you to take a look at. thanks bro Systemlog.rtf
  5. Problems with 10.5.4 update

    As you all should know you should use time machine to back up all data before doing any type of software upgrade. Also use the OSx86 tools app to back up your Kexts just incase that way if you {censored} up your upgrade you can just revert back to what you had and try again. My advice to everyone that is having issues is to to a complete reinstall using leo4all or what ever you use and then back up everything and then!!! upgrade to 10.5.4 I have a Gateway MX6956 with an intel C2D which I normally have to jump through hoops to get to work with updates but I had no issues what so ever and just used the downloadable 10.5.4 standalone to update and it works wonderful I am having issues with wireless but i think that is more due to a bug that apple introduced in this release
  6. Blue screen is normally a problem with the AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext....... use the one from the leo files and replace the one you have now.
  7. Just so we are all clear, is J still working on this project? The last i read a few posts back was he had stopped working untill he could find someone to help him with the driver code. I think we all need to be emailing places like http://www.engadget.com and http://www.tuaw.com and see if we can get some coverage about are issue! This is really the most comment thing people have that still does not work yet!! I mean TONS of people have 3495abg cards
  8. here you go as fast as I could logs from the latest release! Also here is the Kext use Kexthelper to load it and POST YOUR LOGS!!!! LETS ALL WORK TOGETHER!! logs1.rtf logs2.rtf iwi3945.kext.zip
  9. can you post your framebuffer kext please thanks!
  10. yes i am also wondering if BOND got it to work please report back and let us know! J - I am also getting KP when booting or loading the new release just posted not sure what you changed but it KP instantly
  11. I'll upload my appleintelintegratedframebuffer.kext for you I am also using a GMA950 so I know all about this issue. also boot with the -v flag it will give you more output and let you know whats going on AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext.zip
  12. most of the time blue screen hangs are from AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext issues.. damn thats a huge word!
  13. I also have some great logs it seems we are so damn close now to getting wireless working!!! Amazing work guys! GoodLogs_.rtf
  14. here is a nother linux log just incase it might help. ALSO THE LOGS FROM THE NEWEST DRIVER RELEASE!!! here are the logs from the latest release hope these help! let me know if you need more than this! logs.txt logs.rtf
  15. here are my logs for today! it found 2 networks it could attach to but didn't join them. system_log.rtf logs2.rtf