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  1. Hi, weiß jemand wie ich meine TP-LINK TL-WN651G WiFi Card zum Laufen bewege? Zudem: Beim GA EP35 DS3 geht beim onBoard sound nur der DIgitalOutput. Wie bekomm ich die Klinke ans laufen?
  2. to be honest: I have no clue how I could get my wifi card to work on 10.5.5.
  3. hi there, which of the following is possible in a dualboot system osx 10.5.5 and winxp? - using the same mailbox data (offline, local folders) of mozilla thunderbir - using the same mp3s in itunes (osx) and media monkey (xp) - managing pictures in an winxp folder structure and iphoto
  4. no IDE 1 = Vista or XP IDE 2 = Data and stuff SATA 0 = DVD SATA 1 = OSX but it restarts now even when trying so start ubuntu via live cd. something is wrong and I cannot figure out what.
  5. Hi, here's the situation: I was running my system smoothly: WinXP GA-P35-DS4 Rev 1.1 Intel Q6600 2x IDE HD 1x SATA HD 1x SATA DVD nVidia GeForce 8800GT PCIe Creative Soundblaster X-FI Xtreme Audio PCI TP Link WiFi PCI 3 GB DDR2 RAM Windows worked. I tried to install iDeneb (on SATA HD), but PC kept rebooting while loading setup. Then I simply deactivated IDE Channels in BIOS and got setup working. Windows was running still fine at that time. While most installation failed I tried a clean one without any drivers - and it worked. So I installed those missing drivers later but I got a "Please Reboot your machine" screen. Anyway, changed back my BIOS settings but windows did not boot. After lots of tries there was no change. I tried reinstalling but, strange thing: Windows XP keeps denying installing on my IDE HD (running in IDE mode of course) saying the hd is no xp-like format. Vista just reboots after "windows is loading files". And even OSX, where installation worked earlier, now keeps rebooting just like in the beginning. Could the driver installation earlier destroyed some hardware components? Cause these errors happen with different ram, with any possible sata/pata configuration, etc.
  6. P35-DS4 Probleme

    ich hab das gleiche board. 2 IDE platten 1 e-sata platte 1 sata dvd lw bei mir schmiert jede osx version beim starten des setups ab. pc startet neu. lese noch jmicron links. denke daher es liegt am ide. but why? wie kann ich ide komplett deaktivieren im bios? habe ja schon alles auf ahci umgestellt
  7. hi I set all sata stuff to ahci mode and boot from the dvd with the -v switch. it loads some stuff. switches resolution. text elements scrolling by. reading some jmicron words and system restarts. what's wrong? thought this board works great with osx. sata dvd drive, 2 ide hds, 1 e-sata hd.
  8. Moinsen / N'abend! Habe ein MSI P35 Neo-F Board (Intel P35 Chipsatz) mit einem Core2Duo E6400 drauf, 1GB RAM und ne GeForce 7600GT PCIe sowie eine Audigy2 drin. Was benötige ich für ne "HackOSx" Installation? Ein USB DVD Laufwerk täte ja nöten (boot.plist dingens error - wg ide-jdingsbums-chipsatz). Wie siehts bei der Platte aus: IDE oder SATA? Irgend ne spezielle Version? Hab hier ne uphuk 10.4.9er