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  1. The MobileMe update isn't showing up for a lot of people in Software Update. The package can be downloaded here: http://swcdn.apple.com/content/downloads/4...fy/MobileMe.pkg Works fine on my hackintosh, now I just need Apple to send me the MobileMe subscription I ordered ages ago.
  2. Phatmikey

    PS/2 mouse thumb button not working

    Me again. I found an app called ControllerMate, and decided to try that. I found out that OSX is recognising the thumb button as 'Button 4', and I was able to map it to 'Command + [', unfortunately ControllerMate had other weird side effects and made my system unstable, so I won't be shelling out the $15 to register it. Does anyone know of a way to use 'Button 4' as a 'back button', either natively in the OS, or through some utility or driver? Or is there any way to get Logitech Control Centre to recognise my mouse on the PS/2 port? Ta.
  3. Hi all, I've been using OS X on my hackintosh for about 7 months now, with my cordless Logitech keyboard and mouse connected to a USB port. I've recently bought a second PC, and have to use a PS/2 KVM, so I've connected my Logitech wireless adapter to the PS/2 ports (via the KVM), after some problems with Kalyway, I have just installed iAtkos 2.0i, and the PS/2 keyboard and mouse are both working. Unfortunately, Logitech Control Centre will not recognise the keyboard and mouse, so I can't map the thumb button to 'Command + ['. I've also tried Steermouse, but that isn't working either. Is there any other way of making the thumb button of a PS/2 mouse act as a 'back button'? Thanks, Mike.