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    i cant do this anymore!! he refuse to die!! i used http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/Watchdog after the restart i write on finder and after some time he restart again!and i cant even do this part: plzzz tell me how! tnx!
  2. help! 7950XG2

    sorry about the spam but help!
  3. help! 7950XG2

    Helpppp I need to know if you someone run Geforce 7950GX2 on leopard if you can plz give me a guide!!! or if someone know hoe to change the resolution from 1024x720 to 1280x1024 and not to press every time i boot leopard -x plzz tnxxx -PoPCoP-
  4. do you think it will work with 7850gx2 ? -PoPCoP-
  5. help! kernal panic

    I installed leopard and booted with -x.. every thing is good but i dont want to boot like that evrey time so i booted with -v and the kernal panic is because of my grapic card i have geforce 7950gx2 natit and titan.. dont work help! -PoPCoP-
  6. I installed Leopard on my external drive.. I boot in these flags: -x "Graphics Mode"=1280x1024x32 platform=OSX86 -v and i get to the Welcome screen.. i'm selecting "united states" pressing "continue" and again and then i get to the "Do You Already Own a Mac" i press "Do not transfer my infomation now and again continue.. and now my computer hangs for 1 min and then i get back to the "Welcome" screen what did i do wring? thxx!!
  7. Leopard Doesn't Boot Up

    How can i boot that way?
  8. After installing Leopard I started to load Leopard on my comp and after the apple logo and that spinning ball i got a kernel panic Someone told me its because my Hardware.. my comp: GA-965P-DS3P Foxconn 7950GX2 1GB RAM 4 GB RAM INTEL Q6600 Leopard is on my External Drive realtek ALC888 (If you need more info tell me..) tnxxxxx PoPCoP
  9. kernal panic while loading system

    I cant When i press F12 and select the hard drive Leopard is insalled he doesnt do anything I think its because my Leopard hard drive is External (USB) PoPCoP
  10. kernal panic while loading system

    thank you all my signature is my comp info yes, i used the post patch but, if i type -x, -v or -f this will boot my install. or not? PoPCoP
  11. i rebot my computer to active for the first time my new leopard now when he ask me to press F8 to more setting i dont do anything and he starting to load leopard now he gives me a kernel panic i used brazilmac dvd thankss!!! PoPCoP
  12. HELP! Install wont even start

    Yep, i install leopard in my external drives i search google how to reformat a disk on terminal and found a way but now i want to boot and i get the massage: com.apple.boot.plist is missing what can i do now?
  13. HELP! Install wont even start

    Thank You Objection the install is now booting and working But i have another problem i cant install leopard on my external drive it show "read/write error" why?
  14. HELP! Install wont even start

    im using GeForce 7950GX2 still do what you told me?