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  1. Hello, today I installed the 3.2 Update for Safari. Since I did that i crashes like every 5 minutes or earlier, especially while watching videos on youtube. Anyone the same problem and or solution?
  2. Could you share the wallpaper JaE-V? Its awesome!
  3. could please someone send me the vanilla AppleACPIPlatform.kext as well as IOAHCIFamily.kext? (10.5.5) thanks in advance...
  4. Hi, this noon a awkward problem occured to me. I'm not able to download anything but rapidshare files off the net. But software updates and downloads via IRC would work. Only downloads with the browsers doesn't work. It just doesn't start downloading... I can do everything else just as usual like surfing, streaming videos and so on. Has anyone had similar problems and a solution for this? I tried everything: Deleting caches and private data, rebooting the computer, restarting the programms. Nothing helped.
  5. Broadcom BCM5787M/BCM5784M - A solution

    working here, but kills sleep... Any way to get sleep working again? Great work though!
  6. New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    @sonotone: Same here as collit99 no working mute... external mic has been working as well with the "old" kext provided by collit99 and madtux!
  7. Hey I have 2 finger scroll working here, but when I reboot the horizontal axis is disabled, although the checkbox is checked. When i uncheck it and check it again its working... Anyone the same problem and / or solution?
  8. Photo Booth crashes after doing a video?

    Thanks for the tipp, unfortunately not working though. Photobooth still crashing...
  9. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    @ collit: no it's the same with every kext. The strange thing is the low sound is only on headphones! Speakers work normally after waking up.
  10. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    yeah i also do have sound but also low volume after sleep. Do you have any ideas what may cause this?
  11. no sound after wake-up from sleep

    it's an Acer 5220. Like listed in my sig...
  12. Ok so heres my desktop hints and advices how to photoshop that billabong label out of the picture are welcome
  13. Hi there, recently I installed macam to make my noname Webcam work on my hackintosh. I played around with photobooth a bit and noticed that it always crashes at one specific point. When I record a video (or more, doesn't matter) and watch it and then do another video, or try to watch another recorded video photobooth crashes. If I'm lucky the dialogue appears where one can restart the program, if not the whole system crashes, and I can't do anything. Mouse cursor and music playback still working though, but I cant click anything, and none of the apps would react. Has anyone else this problem? The strange thing is when I watch a video, then restart it, I can watch another video without crash. So summed up Photobooth crashes after watching a video, when I try to watch another one. Any help appreciated. BTW my Webcam is a Labtec and fully supported by macam, and I used iChatUSBCam to make it work in iChat and Photobooth.
  14. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    make sure to check headphone jack as well, not only speakers.
  15. no sound after wake-up from sleep

    @antst: You maybe right but some of us have sound after sleep only at very low volume (and only on headphone jack) So you think that this may relate to a different problem than having no sound at all?