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  1. hg2007

    10.6.4 Update Released

    I had to replace IOATAFamily.kext with an older patched version, otherwise all working here.
  2. Update, I rolled the dice and spent the cash on a belkin TI chipset firewire card. Working perfectly with latest snow leo kexts. I guess VIA fire II firewire chipsets are a no go with the saffire and snow.
  3. Right I got a focusrite saffire with a VIA card which doesn't get along well with snow leo's latest AppleFWAudio.kext so I've downgraded to the tiger v1.2.2 as mentioned as a workaround in old thread like this one: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=113111 Thing is from reading that and other threads on this issue I'm not 100% sure whether buying a TI card instead would allow me to use the latest FWaudio.kext, some people say they work out of the box and others say they they still have the same issue. So would someone be able to clearly state whether upgrading to a TI chipset firewire card solved their issue without having to use the ancient tiger kext? Thanks in advance
  4. hg2007

    Geforce 9600 GSO (512mb ddr3) (G94) Working

    Just to add to this thread, I got my 9600 GSO 1GB working fully with QE/CI with the NV enabler kexts in SL.
  5. hg2007

    M-Audio Firewire 410 Install

    The 410's are a pretty unstable interface as it is (even on real macs), heard so many complaints off people about them. Probably the reason M Audio decided to discontinue them.
  6. It was but it got taken down for some reason Anyway back to my problem has anyone had trouble upgrading from chameleon RC1 to RC2 in iATKOS 10.5.7?? I had to install it as enhanced HFS as it wouldn't upgrade to standard.
  7. hg2007

    Post your STUDIO SETUP.

    Yeah multi-outs work fine, the only problem I have is latency hoping it's fixed when v2 comes out of beta. *edit also automation but midi cc's replace it
  8. hg2007

    ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    Actually it was sort of the opposite (but more of a devolution than evolution). Garageband didn't come out until 2004, logic has been around since the Atari ST days (was formally known as notator).
  9. hg2007

    OSX Leopard 10.5.7 + Nvidia 7300

    I have a 7300GT working perfectly (QE/CI, Full resolution, dual screens etc) in 10.5.7 using NVdarwin kext. NVinject hasn't worked for me since 10.5.5 though for some reason.
  10. Only if it's written 'for' OSX, windows trojans can't affect osx in any way. There are mac trojans lurking about but you probably got more chance in winning the lottery than actually getting one. Saying that though I read somewhere an ilife torrent was infected recently but apart from that they are extremely rare on the mac platform.
  11. hg2007

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    A hacked snow leopard kernel for a start
  12. hg2007

    10.5.7 Released

    I just software updated on my new mobo (GA-P35-S3G) and it's working a charm. Initial thoughts of this is it does seem a little smoother (don't know how as the graphics are still using nvdarwin kexts).
  13. hg2007

    ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    Installed the latest beta on my delta 44 and it's like everything goes to mono (but on both speakers). Version 0.17.0 works fine though.