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  1. Recently i have stumbled into the problem of needing to burn a working bootable DL DVD disk from a .dmg image file.... using my windows machine.!!!' well after a variety of programs i stumbled across "TransMac". At first it didn't seem to work i would load up the image and then after waiting a good hour or two for it to 'expand the image to burn' it would just close and nothing would happen. i found you need to right click on the image and then select "Expand image to file" and save it as an expanded file. then burn it. this works every time. a sure method for burning .dmg files using windows.
  2. Burn bootable dmg from Win?

    I am having the exact problem you are. I've tried transmac. no luck. have you come across anything? I was considering slimming it down and trying with a single layered disk but transmac doesn't expand it entirely.