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  1. Geekbench Scores

    Not sure everything seems to be working fine. The only par that I am scoring low on is memory. Here is an image of my bench. Now that I look at yours you are running 64 bit. I am on 32. I need to run it on 32 because I need to use NTFS-3G
  2. Geekbench Scores

    Nice looks good. I am installing on a Kingston Now series SSD to see if I can get a higher number. Will post the results shortly.
  3. Geekbench Scores

    I thought I would start a thread on this because I think it would be interesting for everyone to post their scores compared to their 10.5.8 system. Here are my results Specs MB: ABIT IP35-E CPU: Intel 2.66 Ghz Q9400 RAM: 4 Gigs 800 mhz Graphics: Nvidia 9600GS 10.5.8 (32bit) score 4860 10.6 (32bit) score 5866 I believe this is so much higher because of the graphics card. It seems that snow leopard is really using the system resources much better than leopard did. Is any one else experiencing the same kind of performance increase? This is a huge increase and you can really see the difference in my system. (I am running 32bit because I need to read and write to an NTFS file system) edit: I will post some screens when I finish running SuperDuper on my system.
  4. NTFS-3G?

    OK so I am now booting into 32 bit and it works just fine. Was doing some tests and it seems that they system is running exactly the same. One thing I found very interesting is that I get about 1000 points higher in geek bench in 10.6 then I did in 10.5.8 with the exact same system. After looking into some more of the details it seems that snow leopard is handling video a lot better. Has anyone else seen a different in scores. This really excites me because I do see a huge performance increase from 10.5.8 on my hackintosh. On my macbook however, I have noticed that it is about the same. I score almost the same with geek bench as I did before in 10.5.8. It just seems strange to me to see such a huge increase in speed in one computer but not anything in the other. I am guessing that because my macbook has integrated graphics it doesnt use opencl.
  5. NTFS-3G?

    Hmm thats interesting. I will try 32 bit mode. Will I see a big slowdown if I am running the system in 32bit?
  6. NTFS-3G?

    Has anyone gotten NTFS-3G to work. My ntfs drive wont mount and I need it badly. If anyone has figured it out please let me know.
  7. Just tried the kext. didn't work
  8. Sata Question

    I have tried every guide here and every single one does the same thing. It seems very strange. I have also tried yours. It really should work. I have followed your guide and all the others several times to make sure I wasn't missing anything and they all result in a reboot right after chameleon.
  9. Sata Question

    Man it still didn't work. I don't understand why my comp is just rebooting. No one else seems to be having this problem. Im about to just throw my motherboard out the window and buy a gigabyte. I am freaking out here.
  10. Hello I have a ip35-e and I have tried everything to get this to work. I have followed your guide and a lot of other peoples perfectly and I cant get it to work. My system starts and goes to the chameleon gui and then I boot with -v and in 32 bit mode. then it scrolls through the kexts and then goes to a blank screen and reboots. Please someone help me I am freaking out. I can't take this any more. I have been trying this for 3 days. I need to get this so I can sleep and stop stressing about it. Please someone help me out.
  11. Distros?

    Guys it is all going to depend on your hardware. Yes you will probably be able to use all 4 gigs but seriously 3.7 and 4 is not really a big difference. If you want to really use 64bit then get 8 gigs.
  12. Sata Question

    Hello everyone, All these guides are great but I have a question about some sata drivers. I can run leopard 10.5.8 using a 100% vanilla with chameleon. The kext I need to use is a JMicron one. If I do not have this kext then the os will not load and it will just reboot the machine. I cant seem to find a kext that works with my motherboard for snow leopard. I tried using the same kext as I did for leopard but it does not work. My mother board is an ip35-e I believe it uses ICH9 but I am not sure. Graphics card is a 9600gt that works with EFI strings. And my processor is a Core 2 Quad 2.66 ghz. I cant remember if it was a Q6600 or Q6400. I believe the only reason I can not boot is because I dont have serial ata kexts that work with my machine. Is they anyone out there that has this motherboard and has gotten it to work? I tried booting with -v and also -x32 so I could try to troubleshoot but right after chameleon and all the Kexts scrolling by I see a brief black screen then a reboot. If someone knows a fix please let me know what it is. Thanks, Kevin87 I also forgot to add that I have no option in my motherboard bios to change the sata to ACHI. I saw that most people were using this method with some kexts to boot, but I do not have any options in the bios for ACHI.
  13. Before you begin screen

    try booting with the -v flag to see if there are any problems when you are booting. It sounds that your need fix the usb. Do you have a mouse plugged in also? Are you able to move the mouse around the screen? If you can move the mouse then there may be a different issue. You should boot with the -v flag and post any strange looking things. Also try booting into 32 bit mode. you do this by using the -x32 flag when booting. so next time you boot type -v -x32 and see what you get.
  14. I tried this on my ip35-e. I did everything the same and modified the DSDT but when I boot I get still waiting for root device. Anyone know how I can fix this. I can run 10.5.8 vanilla unmodified with chameleon so im sure there is a way to get it to work.