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  1. No problem... Well if it doesn't work with AMD IDs, maybe we could try with intel ones? But which exactly, that's the question...
  2. Sure sysctl -a -emulateintel: sysctl -a 0x100F62:
  3. Hello, I'm sorry guys I was absent for some time, I'm studying at two universities at once right now and I need to go through two sessions. By the way spakk, I saw that you said that to build kernel you have to know c++, well I learn it and maybe in future I will help you to build kernels.))) I think it would be awesome!)) OK Shane, I've tested your kernel, it works very good, I've tried it with -emulateintel flag and without it - in both cases booted successfully! Also tried FakeCPUID and here I have a question: it must be 0x100F62 or Ox100F62? Anyway tried both and booted without any issues. Here is also sysctl: Oh and unfortunately no change with glitch icons:
  4. It seems that no one wants or can test your new kernel, so I found some little time to test... Kernel works good, graphics issue is the same... sysctl:
  5. Kernel works fine, icons are the same as with kernel test1. sysctl:
  6. Works fine, and like jsl said - icons are changed... sysctl:
  7. Tested - no change with glitch icons, but it seems, that kernel works fine... sysctl:
  8. Tested - works good, icons are now green. sysctl:
  9. Tested - couldn't boot with these frameworks, some crashes appeared during boot...
  10. Works very good, icons are blue.) sysctl:
  11. No, unfortunately green icons are still here...