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  1. ATI HD 7xxx works natively in MacOs Maverick DP1

    I have a 7850 2gig and all I had to do was add the device ID to the associated kexts. Dual monitor no white screen. Full QE/CI
  2. HD 7xxx-Can we eliminate the Sleep Trick?

    Couple of thoughts. Have you tested the app in safe mode? Set security to allow any app to run? I ran into that snag rebuilding mine and I forgot to fix that stuff. Have you tried the rotate script? It's pretty easy to do and works for me even on multi monitors. Just have to get it right. If you have more than one monitor try working with just one at a time. My sleep doesn't work because of a bios issue but rotate fix helps me.
  3. HD 7xxx-Can we eliminate the Sleep Trick?

    Possible solution for some people with multi-monitor issues with different resolutions. This works on 10.8.3/10.84 Explanation: I have a 7850 and am successfully using clover boot and the rotate trick to get to my 10.8.3 desktop. Small issue however. I have dual monitors. One is a 1080p and one is a 1280x1024. The rotate tool doesn't work with this ... well it does but mirroring is enable by default on the first boot. Graphics revert to 1280x1024 and mirror and then I get corrupted with no updates. So basically dead in the water. In trying to fix this I was looking into ways to force each monitor to native resolutions then I realized how about just setting up extended desktop. I was searching on where the config file that dictates this was when I stumbled upon an easy fix. Solution: After you figure out your monitor IDs and create a fb-rotate (read back in the thread for this) script to run at startup just download the following app and place it in startup. It removed mirroring automatically: http://www.fabiancan...MirrorDisplays/. I did have an issue with the mirroring executing too fast so I installed delay start and set it to 10 seconds which allowed it to do its thing. If this is helpful then great..posting this as nobody seemed to be complaining about this exact symptom I was having and it was driving me nuts.
  4. The MSI Thread

    DOH!!! Why didn't I think of that. It said the firewire was working but I was plugging the cam in after reboot. When I have it plugged in and boot it works. Sort of annoying but it works!!! Thanks.....
  5. The MSI Thread

    Keep up the good work. For some reason firewire doesn't work but I have the same exact board and it works in Windows 7. The cable is one of those crappy retractable ones so that's probably part of the issue. It does disco in windows. I tried getting rid of the NullIntell power management kext and I can't boot. Tried enable/disabling speedstep in the bios. Oh well. It works I care little for vanilla but sleep would be great!!
  6. What about the new ATI HD4850 ?

    re you using an LCD? If so most LCDs I've had have an "Auto Adjust" to center the screen. If not it's really out of sync which would be wierd it would display at all on an LCD....Stranger things have happened.
  7. What about the new ATI HD4850 ?

    Yea these work but it is sort of annoying the screen bounces. I can imagine the eyes getting really tired of this quick. May have to go back to the 950 until this is fixed. This is fantastic though. Was beginning to think I made a huge mistake getting this card. Thanks all who worked on getting this far.