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    I am also new here, having the built-in ALC888s on an ASUS MB. If you have been using kexthelper app to install kext file then it should install correctly (doesn't mean it will work). I just tried this one here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1223365 Using kexthelper to install the two kext file (AppleHDA.kext and HDAenabler.kext) and reboot you should get all sound working (even the digital out). Prior to this driver, i used VoodooHDA.kext, google it. Also use kexthelper to install. However it only gives analog sound, no digital. If you have tried voodoohda, you can just removed to trash before you intall the appleHDA.kext.
  2. forrestsun

    ALC888 on GA-EP43-DS3L - Works nearly best but...

    Hi, Just want to say thanks, a big Thanks!, For posting this driver (and the original creator of the driver). Have been using Voodoo with no digital sound then I tried this, Bang! Now I have a perfect sound (analog and digital, and the digital sounds much better and clear for me setup). Btw, I am a ALC888S on an Asus MB, with built-in SPDIF out. Thanks!
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    [Solution] ICH10 [IDE Mode] SATA Kext

    Thanks OP for this. If I had saw it 3 days earlier I wouldn't have to reinstall my Vista...(Had a hard time enable the AHCI mode under Vista). I am really new to this kext thing and always try to follow guide step by step. I have retail install so i have some kext file in the Extra folder of a chameleon partition. Should I put the modified IOATA kext file in the Extra folder, instead of the system extension folder? And do I need to do this repair permission thing if I put it in the Extra folder? Not sure how to do that.... Thanks in advance if someone could help out.
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    Did I found a bug of OS X?

    Say you have two partition, Mac1 and Mac2, Mac1 has the installed system but you redirect the user folder to Mac2 in system preference\Account\Advanced Options. In there you have to define the new user location to be: /Volumes/Mac2/Users/yourname Then restart. Very simple. But, what if after this, you created a folder named "Volumes" under the root of Mac1 partition, then logout and back in? Well, you will find yourself loosing all the desktop setting, folder preference, app setting, etc. everything, and is welcomed by a new, fresh desktop environment just like when you first boot into the system. Why? The system is apparently confused between the folder "volumes" under mac1, and the Mac2 volume. Not a big deal but I consider this a bug. ========= (I was installing an app, which at the end ask me to log out, then all of a sudden my desktop is gone and a new fresh desktop appeared. Somehow, either the OS itself, or the app, created a "Volumes" folder in my OS partition, and the user account setting of "\Volumes\Mac2\User.." confused the system. ======== Well, it's not a new problem, as described here (a self created "fake drive"). http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=200602101655424 However I am not using a BT download. But it could be other type of software that triggered the same thing but I haven't found which software did that. Unfortunately my personal folder is on Mac2 so each time the "fake Mac2" was created, a new user folder was created too and let me in a whole new place.
  5. Many thanks to thiagomorales and blackosx for answering my question. I will direct my future question to other thread, but lucky me, your bootcd works for my setup. For a moment I thought my motherboard is100% leopard compatible. LOL. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Blackosx, First let me thank you for such a clear to follow guide and your art to simplify the complicated. I am a user with an HP m9250f desktop (C2Q, Asus motherboard with modified BIOS for easier installation, Realtek1000 LAN, ALC888S sound, 8600GTS, etc.). I had iATKOS v7 10.5.7 installed before (the usual way of install), where i have to use voodoohda to have sound, and have working LAN but time machine has problem. I purchased the retail leopard 10.5.6 and found your guide here seems to be the easist to follow and understand, so I tried to follow it, despite that the motherboard isn't the same, as I believe the concept is the same. In short I now have an almost fully functional retail install (big thank you!) but some remaining questions to clear up my mind. Please provide your insight. Here is what I did and questions I have: Boot the retail using your Boot cd, partitioned and formatted into Chameleon (1G) and Macintosh (the rest). Installed on Machintosh partition. Use the BootCD to boot into the Leopard install, was welcomed by Apple with working Sound and LAN, Graphic not working of course. (Q: does this mean the retail install natively support my sound and LAN without extra kext?) Didn't do the update, I installed the Chameleon RC2 onto the Chameleon partition. I copied most of your kext provided on the CD, Except those associated with Realtek LAN and VoodooHDA. I added the EFI string of my graphic and LAN following your step using EFI studio. I compiled the new .mkext file. Then restarted. Now my grahic works, the LAN still works, and no time machine problem. But I have no Sound anymore. However, it was able to detect the Mic on my microsoft webcmae NX1000, or my logitech USB mic. (Q: Why I had sound with the original install, but lost it after the Chameleon install, even though I did not add any sound related kext provided? ) So I added the three kext file for audio provided in the bootcd (voodoohda etc.), and restarted. Now the sound came (only the analog stereo sound) BUT, neither the mic on the webcam or the USB mic can be detected this time. I replugged and restarted several times. Still no mic. Btw I rebuild the mkext file each time I make change in the \Extra folder. Finally I caved, I removed the the three audio kext file in the Extra folder (lost sound again), and used kexthelper to install the voodoohda.kext file along into the \Leopard\Library\Extension folder. Restart. Now I have sound AND the both mic detected (just like when I was on the iAKTOS install). The same time, my restart and shutdown works but the sleep not working (go to half sleep with fan running and can't wake up). I backed up the 10.5.6 install. then used the apple update and went to 10.5.8. Applied VoodooHDA in the leopard extension folder. everything else still works but now the shutdonw stops working (just like the sleep does, with fan running). But I guess that another problem. My main question is "how is the EFI partions works"? Doe it take whatever is in the extra folder and use that as part of the system drivers when boot up, then will load the rest necessary driver from the system folder? Such logic can not explain why my originally working audio stopped working once Chameleon installed. Also, if I need other drivers such as my built-in wireless, do I just extract the known working kext file and include it into the Chameleon Extra folder? I hope I can work those mysteries out and write up sth for other HP m9250f users to install the retail. But I guess I have to know much further. Appreciate your help.