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  1. Try adding the nv_disable=1 boot argument when booting with clover?
  2. I had issues at first getting El Capitan installed (but no problems actually booting the installer), and then somehow got it working by just restarting a few times. But then my mac would reboot randomly, so I searched around and luckily found the Gigabyte-GA-Z77X-DSDT-Patch on github, followed the instructions, and now my hackintosh is running better than ever. So I definitely recommend trying it out!
  3. benedict6

    GA-Z77X-UD5H Ozmosis Guide

    I get stuck at the step above to "rename the provided DSDT.aml and copy it to EFI/Oz/Acpi/Load/DSDT.aml on the EFI partition of your first GPT disk". I'm starting with Clover and OS X already installed and I've flashed the BIOS, but when I boot in, there is no EFI/Oz... folder structure on my EFI Volume. I'm pretty sure it's the correct EFI partition because there is only 1 EFI showing with "diskutil list" in terminal. I tried deleting the Clover folder in EFI and rebooting, but this didn't help.