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  1. SL KP on boot Intel DG31PR

    thx, working great so far... is the sleep mode working for you guys? i get into sleep then when it wakes up, a few beeps from the speaker then the system reboots.
  2. SL KP on boot Intel DG31PR

    hi, so to sum up, how to install SL on this mobo? thx
  3. anything that you did to solve the usb problem? can put more details please?
  4. i updated to 10.5.7 and my screensaver doesn't seem to activate, sleep doesn't seem to work too. the USB ports work fine if you select USB Legacy Disable in the BIOS i'm using the latest BIOS firmware 0.64 i believe
  5. Geiga, did u select Fix Keyboard? because it fixed my trackpad and keyboard problem. Cloudy, can you check what version is your IOPCIFamily.kext? mine showing 2.5 and as soon as i put the Chu-nan kext (2.41) i had kernel panic.
  6. did anyone try on 10.5.6? i still can't make it work...
  7. hi, i tried to installed iatkos v5 (10.5.5) it did work with that version.. thank you.
  8. hi, i tried the kernel iopcifamily.kext (leopard) and get a kernel panic. i'm on 10.5.6 ipc osx 12appleacpipci is not compatible with its superclass, 11iopcibridge superclass changed? (as an error) Failed to load extension com.apple.driver.appleacpipci then i have still waiting for root device can anyone help?
  9. New AMD DVD for leopard

    this link http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry472484 might help you. I have the same chipset, i inject the kext into the new release 10.5.2, and was able to install the OSX on the HDD.
  10. New AMD DVD for leopard

    I have a similar laptop with the same specs (dv2310ca). I had that problem that you described. To be able to start the installation, you have to press ESC at your power up then you will have that screen to select from which drive you want to load (HDD or DVD) then you choose DVD. For an unknown reason, it did work for me, but don't get to much high hopes, i got stuck at the Still Waiting for root device... with the Zephyroth 10.5.2 v1... so it's still a no go for me...