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    Can't boot from OS X partition

    Hello. I installed iDeneb 1.6 with Chameleon 2 on my PC today. Installation went off without a hitch, and the installer initiated the restarting procedure correctly as well. After restarted and the post-BIOS part of startup, the computer simply booted into Windows. The Chameleon selector screen didn't show up, nor was there any error message. The computer simply booted exactly the same as it did before I installed iDeneb. I had a pre-existing Windows XP installation before I installed iDeneb. I resized the Windows partition to 30 GB, leaving about 190 GB of unpartitioned space plus a "restore partition" included with the computer. I then used Windows' Diskpart utility to make a partition that I could edit with OS X's Disk Utility. I erased this partition in Disk Utility and reformatted it so it was compatible with OS X and could be mounted. Summarizing, my partition setup is: Primary - Windows (30 GB) Primary - iDeneb (150 GB) Unpartitioned space Primary - Restore. After booting failed, I booted from the DVD, went into terminal, and used FDISK to make the iDeneb partition "active", which also succeeded, but again, it still didn't boot in Chameleon. What should I do? Thanks.
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    Can't boot from OS X partition

    Alright. After considering your suggestion, I decided to try modifying the Windows bootloader to boot iDeneb. Before I did this, I attempted to use Windows' "diskpart" utility to set the OS X partition as active. Again, the process was successful, but the computer continued to automatically go to the Windows Boot Loader on startup without an error message or anything else to indicate that the iDeneb partition was even being considered. I copied the "chain0" file from the iDeneb DVD to the Windows partition and modified boot.ini with the following added entry: C:\chain0="iDeneb" When I select this option at startup, I get this error: boot(1)= error Is the iDeneb partition simply unbootable? Or is Windows XP simply being stubborn? ==HARDWARE SPECS== - Dual Intel Pentium D 2.80 gHz (SSE3 and 64-bit compatible) - nVidia 7300LE - Realtek HD Audio - Intel ICHx family chipset - First partition: XP (Primary), second partition: iDeneb, unpartitioned space, third partition: restore ==SOFTWARE SPECS== iDeneb 1.6 "Lite" Chameleon 2.0 RC1 (installed with iDeneb) Windows XP MCE SP3
  3. I am planning to install OS X 10.5 on my HP Pavilion a1440n. All hardware seems to be compatible, as indicated by the OSX86 compatible hardware lists. I am already in possession of a Mac laptop, which in turn means that I have real and genuine Mac OS X 10.5 CDs. Is there a method and/or a tutorial and/or is it possible to use these 10.5 CDs to create a Hackintosh? Thanks. ADDITIONAL HARDWARE INFO - Two Intel Pentium D 2.80 GHz processors - Realtek High Definition Audio sound device - nVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE graphics card - Linksys Wireless-G adapter
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    Creating a Hackintosh Using Genuine 10.5 CDs

    Thanks for the reply! I should mention that the disks I have do not mention any specific model, nor are they referred to as "rescue disks". So they might work?
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    Mac OS 8 betas

    What's the theme in the second picture?
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    QuickDraw 3D under SheepShaver

    It has been confirmed that you can actually run up to QuickDraw 3D 1.5.4 on SheepShaver. Just so you know.
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    QuickDraw 3D under SheepShaver

    You can get QuickDraw 1.5.4 here.
  8. Oss-Seven-Point-Six

    Rhapsody DRII Installation Guide.

    It turns out that you need an even eariler version of VPC for Windows in order to install Rhapsody (4.3.2 to be exact). A similar tutorial states this.
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    Any way to run OS 9 on Windows?

    See here.
  10. Oss-Seven-Point-Six

    system 7 on pc?

    Though you cannot run System 7 from PC, you can run the FusionPC emulator from DOS alone, and set your PC to "boot" into Mac OS. No windows required. That's probably as close as you are going to get.
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    Software Piracy

    Something interesting: in 2007, MS themselves gave away a Generic Windows 98 Product Key: http://help.wugnet.com/windows2/Generic-Wi...pict490835.html Just to add my little part to this thread.
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    OS 9.2 Where to get it

    Oh and BTW: PearPC cannot run Mac OS/OSx versions under 10.1, and Sheepshaver cannot run versions of Mac OS/OSx over 9.04. So you are pretty much out of luck when it comes to virtualization/emulation.
  13. Oss-Seven-Point-Six

    Emulating the Mac OS/OS X versions that Sheepshaver and PearPC can't

    But even if PearPC ran quicker, it would still be limited to Mac OSx 10.1+. My suggestion may allow us to at least run versions of Mac OSx, OS 9, and Rhapsody not supported by either Sheepshaver or PearPC.
  14. As you know, PowerPC emulation of Mac OS/OS X is a pain in the butt. Sheepshaver only emulates up to Mac OS 9.0.4, while PearPC only emulates Mac OS X 10.1 and up. While looking on the Internet to find a way to emulate those version in between, I came across "QEMU on Windows". Normally, this an Intel X86 virtualize program. However, on that same site is a version which virtualizes a PowerPC computer. This of course piqued my interest. While looking around, though, my hope fell. QEMU PPC apparently wasn't designed to run Mac OS X. Rather, it's purpose is to run Linux PPC versions. I haven't confirmed if Mac OS/OS X will actually run in QEMU alone, but it doesn't look likely. If you want to try, go ahead. Despite this setback, I went on searching and found something very interesting. Mac-on-Linux is virtualization software that allows you to run Mac OS/OS X in Windows. According to the site, it can run the Mac OS 9 versions that can't be run by SheepShaver, and can theorectically run versions of Mac OS X under 10.0. The kicker is that this program requires a Linux computer running on a PowerPC processor. I again was set back, when I realized a plan so simple it might just work. Using QEMU on Windows PPC edition running a ligh Linux distro for PowerPC processors, it might just be possible to run Mac-on-Linux in that. One problem is that it may be quite slow. On the other hand, Linux distros tend to light on resources, and QEMU comes with several built-in features that speed up virtualization. So could this be possible? Could we finally run Mac OS X experimental versions? Possibly. I will try it out for myself, but I recommend that everyone tries this out.
  15. Oss-Seven-Point-Six

    Any way to run OS 9 on Windows?

    Those are Mac 68k emulators... To run Mac OS 9, you can try SheepShaver, but as it has been stated, you can't use QuickDraw. You may also want to try QEMU PPC edition, but that is more for Linux PPC editions than Mac. You could even try "Mac-on Linux", but that requires Linux on a PPC processor, so you be better off getting an actual Mac...
  16. Oss-Seven-Point-Six

    Emulating the Mac OS/OS X versions that Sheepshaver and PearPC can't

    Well since PearPC and QEMU PowerPC are both virtualization, it should be possible. I would rather use QEMU PPC though; PearPC is buggy and doesn't have totally working sound, while QEMU has been in development for awhile and has sound among other things.
  17. Oss-Seven-Point-Six

    Emulating the Mac OS/OS X versions that Sheepshaver and PearPC can't

    not as slow as you would think
  18. Oss-Seven-Point-Six

    Emulating the Mac OS/OS X versions that Sheepshaver and PearPC can't

    well, you do have to know how to use Linux.
  19. Oss-Seven-Point-Six

    Mac OS X DP 2

    how would I access that server?
  20. Oss-Seven-Point-Six

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    This is a very interesting that has been going on. I have a buddy in high school, and I contantly argue that Opera is the best web browser, while he say FireFox is the best. In the end I put it this way: any web browser that isn't IE is the best.
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    kaleidoscope shemes

    Bingo! Here ya go! (http://buryme34.tripod.com/kschemes.html)
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    What is the best Classic version?

    Actually, that was NT 5.0, not 6 (Vista is 6 ) Windows 2000 isn't that bad, provided you slipstream it and get rid of all the junk. http://www.vorck.com/remove-ie.html
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    Where to get System 7.1.2P? (solved)

  24. Oss-Seven-Point-Six

    Who thinks Vista Sucks

    Vista sucks, since a lot of the "new" features can already be copied or implimented in Windows XP. The Vista Expose clone, for example, has already been copied for XP, and it is even better than the Vista implimentation.
  25. Oss-Seven-Point-Six

    Windows 7

    Screw Windows 7. Once React OS comes out in beta release, Windows will suffer.