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  1. i can't get it to boot. All i get is the blue screen, even after I pached the ppf. I have a compaq laptop that is running 10.5.1 with paperclick trick. installing 10.5.1 works like a charm but I can't get this one to work (not even with external display) Anyone has any idea what can I do to run it? Thanks
  2. won't boot unless dvd is in drive.

    All you have to do is format with options in the lower left corner and select MBR and at advanced install check mbr fix. Works like a charm
  3. Well i have set SATA to AHCI booted from sata dvd-rw and installed till the "/com.apple.Boot.plist" error then i booted 2day from USB DVD and installed and the same /com.apple.Boot.plist not found Well i think PC are just not made for mac .. or maybe my bios is too stupid (it's the last version - i should've tried b4 updating bios) I'll stick around with my G$ laptop which is better and doesn't give me install problems
  4. i've tried with SATA DVD and it installed ... i will try again 2day with an usb device
  5. Hi. I searched the forum but i only saw ppl that installed but didn't give me any information that i could use (or i used but i get the same problem) or couldn't install at all on Asus P5B-E My system is Asus P5B-E (Bios 1601) Core2 Duo 6400 @ 2.13GHz 2x512DDR2 667 Nanya CL5 Maxtor 160GB SATA2 DVD-RW Asus SATA2 7300GT Gigabyte I tried to install both in AHCI and IDE mode JAS 10.4.8 XXX 10.4.10 Kalaway 10.4.10 Even ToH Leopard I can install, i chose the partition I format it install works great untill .. System will restart in 30 seconds After reboot ... /com.apple.Boot.plist not found That if I let the DVD in, cos if i remove it then nothing happens. I only get the cursor on screen and the systems will stay like this forever. I've never tried using OSX except my G4 but there i never get these errors Is there maybe something i have to set in bios and slipped my mind? Thanks in advance