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  1. Of course it will work, i have a HP dv6825el laptop, i have 10.7.0 (haven't updated yet). Just use GpraphicsEnabler in your Chameleon booltoader OR use (in my situation, much better) NVEnabler.kext The best way i think is to add the graphics card into your DSDT (I'm working on it) but since i replaced my motherboard i have a 8400m GS with 128 MB of ram (i had 512 ram before), so i'll report to you if it works well. Btw i installed using the guide you're refering, the usb was made for about 2 (TWO) hours (very very slow)... so be sure to wait it up
  2. The installation guide was more than helpful and most of all very easy... Thank you very much ErmaC. Everything works. Btw. Specs are: Motherboard: Asus P6T SE CPU: i7 920 Graphic Card: Nvidia GTS 250 OSX: 10.7.2 Lion
  3. Native SATA installation on AsRock 775DualVSTA

    so anyone know how to do this in leo instalation dvd? Haven't been able to get some info about it, but thank you anyway and will try it
  4. FIX for the Disk Utility bugs

    Yes Please Could Someone Re Upload!!! PLEASE!!!
  5. Ok thank you, i've tried Tiger too before but no luck... Guess i'll have to wait for the next release
  6. Guys please excuse me for bothering but can someone explain if i can get somehow this Leo ToH Image to read my sata HD on my Amilo Li 1705 laptop... Is there a patch or something to get it installed? Just a note I have to add: Disk Utility can't read it so i'm unable to proceed further
  7. nope, sadly the ToH image won't read my Sata Hd... Too bad i really thought that this was the right one for me... I even stayed awake for like 26 hours to download it Anyway thaks to the people that made it possible, hope that in near future i'll get a real mac instead of just trying and trying with no sucsess
  8. osx86 Leopard flat image

    Yeah, sure would like to now how you did it...