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  1. FYI - Dell has removed the latest BIOS update from their website, following Intel's adsival, that the Microcode updates for their products where foobar. The latest, right now, is 1.5.7. I will downgrade. This also means that outside of OS protections, Intel does not deliver protection from Spectre 1 & 2 and Meltdown. What an f'n chaos.
  2. Installed the latest Clover 4334 Started Update to 10.13.2 Upon reboot added the fake-ID for the Intel GPU Booted from newly created install MacOS partition Fail due to missing kexts Booted Windows, moved kexts to "Other" folder Reboot, repeat 3 and 4 Install completes but gives error Reboot with fake-ID to normal MacOS 10.13.2 Repatch for 4k screen run sudo update_dyld_shared_cache rebuild kernel cache sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions && sudo kextcache -u / 10.13.2 works, but copy and paste doesn't this meant in 10.13.1 wrong permissions. All in all, so far, so good tl;dr: Update Clover move kexts to "Others" Think of fake-ID when rebooting Rebuild kernel cache before final reboot EDIT: To reflect some steps I needed to take to get 10.13.2 to really run again
  3. This is against the rules of the hackintosh communities. You can try http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/321021-guide-hwpintel-speed-shift-enable-with-full-power-management/?p=2365608- all you need to do is to add SSDT-pr.aml to your install and enable HWP in the clover config, since the reboot patch is already in place. I'm running this setup now and I think HWP is working and sleep is not draining that bad. But haven't run appleinfokext yet.
  4. I fixed it by deleting the network interfaces preferences and deleting all NICs from preferences and starting fresh.
  5. Is it the desired behavior that the current WiFi connection is shown in the Ethernet NIC? WiFi is shown as disabled and Ethernet acts as WiFi.. Also, a manually set MTU (which I require because my ISP is an idiot) gets deleted upon applying.
  6. After double checking left-over kexts in S/L/E and other locations, rebuilding the kext cache my system boots up at normal speed again. I still notice an increased battery drain during sleep (HWP is enabled) and I miss some of the brightness steps. We're back to a higher level of brightness on lowest level. Or did Dell play with their BIOS again? Cheers
  7. I need slide=138 for my system. But as I wrote, the first two or three reboots after point or major upgrades require jump-starting it. After some days I did notice the drain you described, now I put HWP back into the config and test if it helps.
  8. My system is now at 10.13.1 - nice. After upgrading and activating the 4k display patch it wouldn't boot due to AptioFix related allocation errors. That was frustrating, because how can the memmap change? Turns out, it didn't change, but somehow my system needs jump-starting with OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi for the first two or three boots after upgrades. After that, I can use AptioFix2 again. It doesn't matter if booting from internald disk or USB. Sleep works nice, I'll take a look at power consumption, @hackedWifi One odd thing I noticed during boot is that it stalls for up to three minutes, something related to iGPU, before booting up normally. I thought the OS was broken, but it runs four 60s timeouts before booting up. Hadn't had a chance to extract the exact error message yet.
  9. I'm attempting to upgrade to 10.3.1 now via a fresh USB stick and ran into some of the problems like the others: Failed to install messages. Now I have never patched for 4k and 10.3 doesn't require this anymore. Would I therefore need to add the NVME patches into config.plist like for the 10.12. configs? Fixed it all by re-creating the USB stick from scratch, manually installing Clover via its installer without pandora's box. The upgrade from 10.6. then worked fine. Now to make it walk by itself, aka reinstalling Clover on the new OS.
  10. God damn it, why is my machine always that special snowflake. I do have the feeling it's telling me to wipe, patch for 4k and reinstall. But that means creating an image of windows and bla bla bla no time. Well, then no macOS on my notebook until the christmas break.
  11. Weird, I updated from .29 to 1.4.0 an since then I can't boot into the GUI. During boot and after the Apple logo's short flicker to change resolution, all I see is a spinner alternating with the short flickering of a blinking cursor very top left. This goes on forever. Verbose boot also doesn't yield any idea. Downgrading to 1.3.0 and 1.2.29 doesn't return to successful boot to GUI Is everyone's system running fine with 1.4.0? No changes to config or anything required?
  12. Had this after a big Win 10 update as well, which overwrote the EFI partition and kicked the partition table out. I was able to recover it with gparted from system rescue cd without having to roll back a backup. system rescue cd is really cool and helped me a bunch of times. it even allows to change, without data loss, to change mbr to gpt, resize partitions etc and best of all it's FOSS.
  13. For the time being updating to High Sierra should not be undertaken by those who are not deeply into Hackintoshing. If you struggled to follow this guide, you should refrain from upgrading now. Give it a month or two, you are not missing much. It's an old teaching of the Apple world to never ever upgrade to a .0 release, but always wait for .1 or even .3 - this is even more true for Hackintoshes. So unless you know what you are doing and are willing to invest time and knowhow, just wait a couple of weeks or months.
  14. It's a bit strange, but without closing the lid and letting the system fall asleep by itself OR by selecting sleep from the apple-menu , it sleeps fine with the .29 bios