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  1. Hey Chris, all the best for this taxing time. Thank you for the work you put into the repo and your guide. Hope the new child is healthy and you find peace with the sickness.
  2. What irks me immediately again are the fans. In Linux, there's an smbios tool to adjust fan behavior. I don't find a way to adjust the fan here, but they are spinning way too high, even when there's no load. Is there a way to adjust the fan speed curve or fan behavior?
  3. Mine can boot with either AptioMemoryFix or OsxAptioFix3Drv, but in any case I need AllocFix, otherwise no slide value can be found - even if I calculate one. In other news: Mojave is quite nice, gotta say.
  4. You might also want to check if you need CodecCommander/Verbstub and AppleALC - in my experience just AppleALC is enough for Audio to work.
  5. I'm back. I gave up on Manjaro Linux on the 9550. Not because it wasn't working - it was. Actually it was great - full use of the NVIDIA dGPU, great hibernation. But Linux is not MacOS when it comes to productivity. Here's a heads-up for those who want to restore a 10.13 TimeMachine backup onto 10.14 or just move from 10.13 to 10.14: Delete all the following kext you manually added to /L/E: X86PlatformPluginInjector.kext - It took me two complete re-install attempts to find this as the culprit for the Kernel panics AppleGraphicsDevicePolicyInjector.kext I went for AppleALC for Audio, which doesn't need Verbstub or CodecCommand @wmchris: Your CLOVER folder contains AptioMemoryFix.efi and OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi, but to my understanding these are mutually exclusive.
  6. Are you sporting an nvme drive? Delete IntelGraphicsFixup, NvidiaGraphicsFixup and VoodooHDA. VoodooHDA should never be needed and replace the GPU fixups with whatevergreen.kext. Have you googled for your error? For me this was in past when FakeSMC wasn't read correctly. But resetting the BIOS to default and starting from there can also help.
  7. Try LayoutID 1 If I remember correctly, with the newest method posted in the guide you don't have to set a LayoutID manually, the kext defines it automatically. Thus I'd try ID 1 and no ID injection Do you have FakeSMC.kext in /Other ? It's best not to use the files attached - in fact I'll delete them - instead enter the BIOS settings manually. If this is your very first attempt, I'd recommend to also read a more thorough, beginner guide, because this build doesn't require exotics settings, a proper vanilla guide is a great point to start. Check out this one: https://hackintosh.gitbook.io/-r-hackintosh-vanilla-desktop-guide/
  8. I tried ig-platform-id "0x3E9B0007" and "0x3E9B0003", both times the iGPU wasn't attached properly. I guess this be could because these two platform ids only work for a special build of 10.13.6 for new Apple hardware and official 10.14.x builds. I'm back to "0x59120003", InjectIntel, IntelGFX fakeid, shikigva=12 This setup results in full metal/openCL acceleration for HEVC and h.264. FinalCutPro X is still super slow in encoding, thus I switch to Davinci Resolve. This makes full use of the CPU and GPUs. When NVIDIA web drivers are available, I will revisit this.
  9. If thinks are running fine, I wouldn't tweak too much. All you tweak, can break. Sleep is important to me, both to my machine and myself So I'd work on that. For this you might need to go through the USB port patching process. As @BackwardMac correctly states, you need whatevergreen.kext combined with lilu.kext. If you only have an Intel iGPU at the moment, you might try to boot without any additional shiki bootflag, but if metal won't work, you can add 'shikigva=1' as bootflag and test. At the moment I'm running with 'shikivga=12' and have metal acceleration for both NVIDIA dGPU and Intel iGPU for HEVC and h.264. (Yet, FCP X is still super slow in encoding). I'll try this new platform ID, thanks @BackwardMac. At the moment I'm using the ig-platform-id 0x59120003 combined with whatevergreen, lilu and a shikigva=12 flag. I've never had InjectIntel active, maybe my current FakeID is the reason - I'll delete this, try the new platform ID and see.
  10. Dear all, I'm still waiting for NVIDIA to release their web drivers for mojave, so I'm still running with 10.13.6 I did make some changes to the guide today: Removed fakepciid* kexts since I don't see their need and they clash with the new audio method Simplified and modernized audio patching via AppleALC. Now it (should) work(s) with mojave and we don't touch AppleHDA anymore, yay
  11. Thanks for your additions, @Panzerschiffe, one Nvida drivers are out for Mojave, I will also tackle the upgrade and update the guide.
  12. These are beautiful letters. Would you also be able to write this in English? Do you mean how to edit methods? There are great guides by @RehabMan on how to use IOREG to do edits to your ACPI files.
  13. I'd wait with Mojave until the next .1 update, maybe even until .3 - that's a good measure with Apple. Always has been. I'm at least waiting until I'll end the Linux experiment.
  14. That actually might make me ditch my attempt at MacOS in a Linux VM and re-create a proper MacOS Partition! Very very cool, thank you!
  15. Seems like you are missing essential kexts. Does this occur when you wan to install, or after you installed to your SSD and try to boot from the SSD? Are you loading FakeSMC.kext ? You can updated to the newest Bios no Problem - it's a good idea to be up-to-date with the flaws in the Intel Chips. I personally stay away from to****ac tools, and I'd strongly suggest to not discuss These tools here. If you want to use these tools, please ask in their forum. Regarding Audio: Your Audio ID should be layout 1, you can also try 3. Don't mix up methods. The ALC script also doesn't produce any error, it looks fine to me apart from the Audio layout 7, which you don't have. If you use the script, please follow the instructions toleda has given for ist usage. You need a vanilla AppleHDA and EFI Needs to be mounted. Could you next time post in one answer instead of creating three? That makes Things easier. You can edit your posts in this great forum