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  1. basically I've been struggling in this class all semester and now there's a final project where we have to make up op codes and the control sequences and punch them in to a 3-bus emulator, and pray to god they work. We need to make up 9 of them. Can anybody lend a hand? It literally might as well be chinese to me. Makes no sense at all. And yes I tried google. I actually read a lot of material on RTN and SRC, including my textbook. It just absolutely is not making any sense to me. (nor my project partner....that makes me feel a bit better) I appreciate any help anyone can offer. THanks.
  2. For anyone that cares, I got the dongle (V2) today working perfectly on Snow Leopard (10.6.6) using this guide: http://dossy.org/2009/11/using-a-ciscolink...n-macos-x-10-6/ The trick is to use the 2.0 drivers that the author links to, rather than the newest ralink drivers. Then follow the guide to the letter. When you're done modifying the kext, run kext utility to rebuild caches. reboot, plug stick in. should work perfectly.
  3. glad it helped How's your system's stability? I had kernel panics and ended up doing a few more installs before it worked stable enough. also i noticed running 64 bit mode is kinda useless, it broke some software and hardware for me,w ith barely any speed gain.
  4. Had that, I think booting onto 32 bit safe mode fixed that
  5. anyone know how to make it boot 32 bit mode by default? 64 bit breaks a few programs for me.
  6. Anyone else getting kernel panics randomly? Mine seem to be related to the presence of other harddrives. I unplugged my external and my other internal, and all seems to work. Now the only kernel panic igot recently was when I installed little snitch and eyetv. Not sure which caused it, because I uninstalled both to be safe.
  7. There's something wrong with the boot-132 image it seems. I was able to boot from the retail DVD (both disk and from flash drive) using the chameleon install from my old leopard install. This needs more looking in to, but unfortunately I do not understand the working of boot-132 nearly well enough to explore it. Steal a friend's macbook, perhaps, to get your install going for now..
  8. boot 132 just hangs. i booted it verbose and found it hangs on this: loading hfs+ fine [mach kernel] from 422f700 any input? maybe I'm doing it wrong.
  9. SL is up, did not even have to use boot 132 (couldn't figure it out, lol) everything works amazing BUT I get kernel panics. Completely out of the blue, computer just standing idle, and I get a KP. This is in 64 bit mode...happens about 5-10 minues after booting. Other than that, Photo Booth causes a kernel panic (no drivers for my logitech cam I guess). And my keyboard works funny, because logitech hasnt updated it's drivers to work with SL.
  10. Booting into safe mode with the -x flag worked for me. repairing permissions now, will let you know what happens.
  11. I get the infinite beachball. I am up to creating my account after booting witb the -x32 -v flags. It beachballs when I tell it I do not need to transfer data from another mac. Also beachballs when I try to transfer something small like time zone. Gonna try boot132 in the meantime.
  12. Snow leopard is serialized? Or just the server edition?
  13. If I understand you correctly, connect the hard drive I want to install snow leopard on to a real mac using an external enclosure? Then follow your steps? sorry I'm a little out of it today, really appreciate all your help though.