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  1. xaiev

    Snow Leopard on Samsung R620

    Finally installed iatkos successfully! Can you tell how you manage to remove the faulty kexts on the first boot? I've tried every option i know (-v -x -s -f cpus=1 busratio=20 etc.) i got a shell but the laptop seems to be frozen :/ Thanks in advance.
  2. xaiev

    Snow Leopard on Samsung R620

    Hi, just tried to install ideneb S3 2 with the same options you used and my R620 shuts down. It is very hot on the left side, has this already happened to you? Thanks.
  3. xaiev

    Snow Leopard on Samsung R620

    Hi, I own the same laptop (don't know about the graphics card id though). Which osx86 did you manage to install ? I tried iatkos v2 and my laptop reboot during the installation process :/ As to getting QE/CI working, this post might be useful but is very technical, implies hex patching etc. Thanks
  4. xaiev

    Install MAC OS X on a laptop.

    Je réponds en français, ça sera plus simple ^^ Tout dépend de ta carte graphique: -Geforce: no problémo -ATI HD mobility 4650, résolution par défaut (1024x768) & pas de QE/CI. A oublier donc Un projet de framebuffer pour les Hd mobility 2XXX/3XXX/4XXX à été lancé, il devrait te permettre d'avoir une résolution native (1368x768), mais point de QE/CI encore, il devrait arriver Pour le reste, lorsque j'ai installé iDeneb 10.5.6 tout semblait fonctionner: son, ethernet & wifi. Tschuss
  5. Hi there, successfully running leo4all 10.5.2 since september on a m2n-se mx w/h the same chipset. The only difference is that i have an ide hdd... go go go!! cheers
  6. xaiev

    AMD -> kalyway 10.5.6 ?

    Avec le kernel Voodoo, normalement pas de soucis (sauf clavier PS2, carte QE/CI toussa, déjà évoqué). Cheers
  7. xaiev

    Achat portable 600/700€

    Point possible car la région champagne-ardrenne donne 400€ max pour un portable neuf et je préfère de toute façon avoir un pc avec des perfs supérieures (en attendant d'avoir un vrai salaire pour acheter un vrai mac)
  8. Hola, nowel arrivant à grands pas, des $$$ gentiment donnés par la région à l'achat d'un portable et l'agonie de mon vieil acer me poussent à l'acquisition d'une nouvelle bête... J'ai fait le tour des forums et j'hésite entre pluisieurs modèles: Lenovo R61, Dell 1525 & HP dv7-1001ef. *Le wifi, OSEX *Le lan, ça serait bien mais bon *Le son, faut qu'il marche et la prise casque aussi (train, bibliothèque toussa...) *Lecteur de cartes, webcam OSEF Sinon, point de sectarisme, un Sony ou un Toshiba pourquoi pas, dans la même gamme de prix. j'attends vos retours si vous possédez une des configs (ou proches)
  9. xaiev

    Problem with USB - M2N

    Runnin leo4all 10.5.2 on M2N-SE MX Only 2 out of 4 USB ports work, don't know why... as to the LAN, look for 'forcedeth' in these forums
  10. might be a stupid question but since i haven't seen any answer... is the real-time AMD patching implemented in this RC release or will it on be available in the final kernel? Cheers.
  11. but in about this mac my Athlon x2 4400+ is shown as intel core duo, in system profiler it´s amd athlon..o so i think it doensn´t matter, right? Think this was done on purpose
  12. Good news here Updated to 10.5.5 using Zeypyroth ASU... my system booted but had no keyboard and many apps crashed Just reinstalled a fresh 10.5.2. Running voodoo 9.5RC like a charm (i.e safari doesn't crash anymore) Now updating to 10.5.5, hope i won't lose my keyboard this time nb: slower boot time with RC
  13. Tried the patcher_opts=0 flag... after detecting USB bus & devices, I have "AppleNForceATA: found 0 units." (which is normal) and my hdd halts!! The thing is that i can't dl the latest leo4all iso via torrent because of a damn network firewall and it has not been posted on usenet yet Will backup & try to update via ASU. Cheers & thanks a lot for your huge work folks
  14. Well, "/usb/lib/libxml2... /usr/lib/icu/icud36l.dat" ... error (seatbelt) Tried to boot with busratio & fsb, didn't help. As reported by the -tscpanic flag: TSC verification of clock speed: PASSED TSC: freq: 2210.38237MH ; fsb=200.912568MHz, bus ratio=11 Will take a picture as soon as I got my camera back
  15. Bad news here. Many apps crash: * Safari, Textedit, Terminal, System Preferences, Adium, Translateit some work without any problem: * Finder, iTunes, Photoshop, MS word 2008 can't even send a report since the terminal/sys prefs won't run Specs: Asus M2n-se MX/Athlon X2 4200/1GB/IDE drives - Leo4all 10.5.2 Will try to boot with some busratio parameters. also got some errors when booting, had to do with some /usr/lib/* files safari.txt textedit.txt