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  1. Solution for Realtek ALC262

    my vaio TX751P I had everything going but it was an SSE2, so was limited to only booting on battery... got a TX850P and with its 950GMA got everything, except sound... today, sound is WORKING!!! thanks everybody on the site for everything, I now have a full functional vaioBook pro...
  2. Ive had the same issue, unfortunately in my BIOS i cant disable speedstep, Vaio TX651p... I have noticed that on battery it runs teh lowest it can, and without a speedstep kernel it will start (and stay at 600) but with a speedstep kernel on batteries it hangs... plug it in, and its fine. Can anyone think of what may cause the hang up with the speedstep kernel? its 8.9.1 - 8.8.1 semthex will boot fine! That is now my only issue on the Vaio - I orded a Dell 1490 PCIe card for my wireless ($15!!), and will likely toss XP altogether if it works!