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  1. I'm having problems with 10.6.7, Workstation 7.1.4 and svga 2 1.2.3. I installed VMTools 3.12, then svga 1.2.3 and then the guest patch, rebooting after each install. Using Albert's unlocker. It seems autofit works the first reboot after installing the guest patch. Subsequent reboots disable autofit and the screen is stuck and whatever startup resolution is (typically the VMWare window size). How can I make it always work? I can provide more info so long as I know what is needed. vmx file attached. Thanks Snow_Leopard.txt
  2. For completeness to the guide, it's my understanding that if using Albert's unlocker and VMTools, that Zenith432's 2D video driver is not required and offers no benefit, and therefore isn't required. Is this correct?
  3. @Cygnust: See this thread, post 28 and my reply: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...d=1328253 Anyone got mouse scrolling working using a touchpad on a laptop? Doesn't work for me, but the mouse otherwise works fine. External USB mouse scrolls fine.
  4. I'm using Fusion 3 tools. Only 1 lib file, I'm guess the -p in cp overwrites the old file? I checked my kext folder and removed the VMwareGfx ones, and also did a chmod 775 (or 755? Can't remember, found a site about installing kexts) on the lib file just incase. Seems to be working now, probably the VMGfx kexts were to blame. Thanks.
  5. I have 10.6.1 up and running on VMWare 7 / Win7x32. With 1.1 video driver I had the screen auto-fitting automatically without needed to use the guest patches. With 1.2.1 this no longer functions. I tried installing the guest patches and the first time it didn't work upon reboot. I reapplied them and it did work on reboot. The third and subsequent reboots fail to work again. Is there any trick to getting auto-fit working again?