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  1. amartins05

    itunes error -50

    I keep gettingan error -50 when trying to get a free song or even play a song right ater logging in. Anyone have this issue? Is 6.01 compatible with osx86? Thanks
  2. amartins05

    NForce3 and Asus k8NE Deluxe Board

    I got it. I pasted the nhardware id in a string that had multiple id's in it. After that it was fine.
  3. Hey, I know some of you out there have gotten the sound to work on these boards based on your sinatures. I tried the wiki fix but on the section where it say look for other id's it doesnt say that? No mention of thet line in the file. So what do I do? I tried typing it at the end and deleted everything under the main entry and just added that line. It is still not working. Any ideas guys? Thanks
  4. amartins05

    What network cards work?

    Guys, add a new card on the list. It's not wireless, only PCI but it's only 14 bucks at Walmart. Network Everywhere PCI Ethernet Card Model # NC100U-WM. I used the Tulip driver and everything is great now
  5. amartins05

    No system folder

    I had another post in another forum about this. I discovered some new info. So, I can't boot without having the DVD in the drive. If it's not there all I get is a black screen with a blinking underscore. So, I tried blessing the drive and it didn't work. Well, tried messing with the audio using text files and starting looking in my system folder as the instructions I was following told me to do. Long behold no system folder, none. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I installed while this drive was on the slave position on the IDE cable. Can anyone confirm this? Also, is there anyway to fix it without reinstalling? I tried copying the system folder off of the DVD but that didn't work Thanks in advance
  6. amartins05

    Can only boot with DVD

    Hey guys! everything is working. Dlink usb nic, Asus motherboard, AMD 3000+. No onboard items work though, that is why i am using the Dlink usb nic. No sound either. Anyways, when i cold boot it only goes to a black screen with an underscore. I will boot into osx if i have the DVD in the drive, otherwise its a no go. Any idea's? Thanks