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  1. Hey SkyHigh, I do quite a bit of web dev, so I would love to be in on your beta if possible. Thanks -Pat
  2. It's all done with PHP and AJAX.
  3. Ah, alright. Well we are literally adding and working on it every day. To see everything you can do your going to need an account (not trying to pressure anyone into getting one, but it wouldn't hurt would it? ). Hopefully you'll check back in a week or two and see what all we will have added! -Pat
  4. What do you mean by a little more than a preview? Should we require some more information on registration to show on the profile? Or are you just talking about what is shown on the home page? It is still a work in progress so your comments WILL be taken into heavy consideration. If you could clarify what you mean, that would be awesome! -Pat
  5. Thanks, we tried to keep it nice and smooth and clean looking. One of the things we like about it, and are hoping our users will as well is some of the AJAX features. We tried to add AJAX in enough places on the site to help, but not to a ridiculous extent. Google ads on which page? They are in different locations on every page. Thanks for you feedback... Now if I could get more than just one person lol Thanks again, Pat
  6. Hi All, A friend and I have been working hard on a site of ours. Now I know a lot of people look down on sites like ours, but ours is different. We have developed/are developing a dating site. A lot of dating sites cost money, and a lot of free dating sites are not very high quality, so our goal is to make a high quality site but have it be totally free... forever... We would really appreciate some help testing and if your interested, in using the site. I will check back for feedback if you guys have any. the site is LoveDango Let me know what you guys think. If you would like to give us feedback while using the site, message either Pat (me) or Anthony (my business partner). Thanks a bunch! -Pat
  7. EBios read error after power off

    I am getting the same thing all the sudden. Everything has worked fine since the first install... Actually... things worked perfect. I think somehow the partition is messed up, and here is how I came to that conclusion: I have Windows Vista on another drive in my computer that has MacDrive or whatever on it so I can read my osx partition to get pictures off, etc. Well the first couple times it worked fine. Now I get this error and when I try to read the drive it tells me something is corrupt and cant even tell me how big the drive is at all. Now I want to avoid losing ANY information on that drive, I have college work, all my music, gigs upon gigs of irraplacable pictures (thank god I have most of those backed up) and stuff for my job. I need this info if at all possible. If ANYONE has any ideas on recovering the drive, I would be very greatful. I have an idea to try when I get home, I'll let you all know later...
  8. Nothing new as far as I have found. But here's another question, maybe I should make a new thread, and I might later if this gets no attention. I have an old nVidia RF remote that came with an old PNY personal Cinema FX5700 board. Now the board I could care less about, but the remote is really nice, so I was wondering, is there any way I can get that remote working???? That would be pretty sweet. Also, if someone could PM me instructions, or just tell me on here, link me, w/e how to get Frontrow 1.3 working under 10.4.8 I would be very greatful... I've done some searching to no avail... I download 1.3 from apple and was wondering how to get it running... Thanks
  9. All I have is a lime green iMac Got it at goodwill a couple weeks ago for $30... works pretty good! I had an LCII I took from my grandpa's work way back when. He worked at a college and they had a stockroom full of old {censored}...
  10. I've been using OSX as my primary on my PC for a while now... Since the JaS 10.4.8 disc was released. Works better than XP ever did on my machine, and install's easier to. I have to install less drivers to get my video/sound/etc work correctly then I do with XP as well, so that's a big plus! Unfortunatly I don't know if OSX would work on my laptop so it's still running MCE2005.
  11. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had got a media center remote to work with there OSX86 machines? I have the eHome receiver and an HP remote control, and was wondering if I could somehow get it to work. If noone knows about that, does anyone know how to find the information that get's sent during a keypress on the remote? The light on the receiver blinks when a button is pressed, so it's getting info, but the computer doesn't know what to do with it... Any help in figuring out how to get it to work would be awesome! Thanks PatS
  12. I'm having a problem like this as well... except my burner is my primary drive, and the regular dvd rom is the slave... if there is a fix (i haven't really looked yet, sorry) then that would be great to know.
  13. how do they make the ipod ads?

    This reminds me of a picture I made when the ad's were first run... Not very good, but hey, it got the point across... And That is Mario BTW... I guess this was sorta off topic... Sorry...
  14. Awesome rammjet thanks for the help. One quick thing though... If I do the HD thing like you said, what is the point in making it FAT32 at first, if I am just going to make it MacOS Ext. Journaled? And also, I don't use a bootloader, I just hit esc at boot and choose the drive I want to boot from.... so if I changed out my drives like that, would I HAVE to use a bootloader? and if I have to, how do you recommend going about that... last time I used a bootloader it killed my whole computer...
  15. Hey, I'm looking for a little help yet again (maybe I'll get some replies this time...) This time it's about upgrading some things in my computer... In my sig you can see all my specs, but here's what I am looking to do: Upgrade my x300SE to a x800GTO. Now I am using the Radeon9700 kexts/driver/w/e and they are working perfect for me x300... I have QE CI and whatnot... So if I switch to a x800GTO (This one) will I have to change a ton of stuff, or will they just continue to work? I am assuming the vendor id's and device id's will have to be changed, but that shouldn't be hard... right? Ok, and I am also looking into upgrading to 2 GB of RAM... this shouldn't be a problem at all... I think... But does anyone know of any place I could pick up some cheap DDR2 533 MHz.... I'm looking for 2 sticks of 512... And lastly I'm needing another HD... If I make an image of my current drive, I can restore it to the new one in the OSX installer using the disc utility, right? So, these are just some basic questions... but I don't want to muck to much stuff up... I only have about $100 right now to use... so priority is given to the video card... I will then worry about HD, and then RAM.... Thanks for any helpful info that may be given...