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  1. markilark

    [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    So I tried replacing my kexts with yours, and my boot file. Now, instead of going to an apple screen upon booting, I go straight to a black screen. Recovery=y still doesn't work. I have no idea!
  2. markilark

    [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    @Will1384: Yeah, I made sure to use the 10.6.4 Netbookinstaller, but I think I may have made the mistake in installing it on my 10.6.0 installation, which I was under the impression I needed to do in order to update to 10.6.4, even before the installation of the actual update itself. And now, I can't even see whats causing the problem, even in verbose. It just sits at the apple logo. Also, I tried to lessen my Extensions folder, but that didn't do the trick. Booting with recovery=y also does nothing, though it sits at a black blank screen rather than the logo. I'm so stumped!!!!
  3. markilark

    [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    I've been following this thread closely. On my 1000HE with 2gig of ram installed, I can't seem to get the update to 10.6.4 to work. Every time that I boot up, I get to the apple boot screen but have no progress wheel or anything. Before I upgraded from 10.6 , I used netbookinstaller to install the chameleon bootloader and extra extensions. I then update through Apple, but now...nothing! Recovery=y doesn't work, and I dont know what to do! I can't log in now! Anyone?
  4. Wow! That was so simple! Thanks a lot!
  5. Hey everyone, I've been a long time osx86 user but have just recently started using it again. Im on an Asus EEEpc 1000HE running an iPCx86 10.5.6 to Ideneb 10.5.7 upgrade and I cant seem to figure out why I cant boot my installation without having the "-f" kext tag. If I dont, I get the Unable to find driver for platform: "ACPI" kernel panic. I think it may have to do with me messing around with the kexts during the installation. In an attempt to fix this, I tried repairing the permissions of the disk, but that didnt work, though it did repair some. Any ideas?