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    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hi, there is a bug in AHCIport kext in Sierra, there are ways to patch it (google). After patch second HDD works fine.
  2. adaml75

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    @Tluck, I just wanted to thank you — you did amazing work! T420 is still, even after all those years, an excellent laptop with macOS.
  3. adaml75

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hi, I had no problems with graphics after update (I updated from 10.11.0 to 10.11.4 via combo updater). But I had a problem with sound. The AppleHda wrapper didn't work for me - had no audio output to select and grey sound icon. I had to use VooodooHDA, which works, but with limitations (it doesn't recognize when you plug in headphones). The machine is plain T420 with Intel HD3000, 4GB RAM and Ericsson broadband modem (which actually works, I even managed to modify crappy Apple WWAN interface to recognize it). Overall great work, thanks to tluck I have much better machine than original macbook (more ports, two hard drives etc) and very, very stable.
  4. Maybe some nice soul can post it on the usenet? I can't see JAS' update on TPB...
  5. adaml75

    Latest build to install?

    If you want to leave windows behind, you got two options - either use BSD / Linux, or buy a Mac. You won't go far with hacks.
  6. adaml75

    ? about installing OSx86 and Intel-Macs

    Buy a Mac. No hack can compare to the true experience.
  7. Well, all I can say is that sofware update from 8F1111 wasn't working for me.
  8. Yeah, I checked. No 8F1111A at software update. You have to get it from developers' site.
  9. Well, I went back to 8F1099 using apps from 8F1111. Universal iTunes work fine. I guess 8F1111 is borked in more than one way - in "About this Mac" doesn't show CPU type properly (unlike previous versions). 8F1099 seems a little slower, though. Hope 8F1111A will be leaked soon or our great Maxxuss wil patch 8F1111 properly. Now I must say this is the kind of experience I never had using a real mac - and I have three around the house. I will buy Intel Mac precisely from this reason: every update will work out of the box. Besides my intel 915 based Mactel has more quirks - sleep doesn't work as is supposed to do, for example. A beige box with hacked system just doesn't compare to real thing. And how ugly it looks... A.
  10. That's great. I installed 8F1111 with previous TPM patch and some PowerPC applications are broken - i.e. Microsoft Office X and Microsoft Office 2004. They just don't start. Weird, a lot of other PowerPC apps work fine, MUCH faster than in 8F1099 - at least as fast as on my G4 Mini or Powerbook (Intel 915 GAG motherboard and P4 3GHz with SSE3 and NX).