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  1. anyone? EDIT: Managed to download a single 4GB torrent without panic that only had 5 peer/seeders in total.. Any I ideas what to do next?
  2. dHack

    Problem with mouse pointer

    This is called mouse tearing. Search the forum for solutions
  3. I had to replace my AsRock945G DVI and got the GA-965P-S3. Now I'm having some kernel panics Previous AsRock mobo was running 100% stable with the same conf. except the 500GB sata drive and with only 1gig on ram! Kernel panics are caused by BitTorrent clients: Tested with Azureus, transmission, xtorrent and bitrocket. If I boot up the system and don't open a torrent app everything seems to run stable. Uptime was over 1 day! After opening a torrent application it usually takes about 10 minutes to get a kernel panic. I'm using Buffalo WLI2-PCI-G54S-3 to connect to the internet and the problem is present with new mobo and: - Old JaS 10.4.8 w/ppf1 installation for asrock mobo - Clean JaS 10.4.8 w/ppf1 installation with old user (imported with Migration Assistant) - Clean uphuck 10.4.9 v1.2 There are NO panic.log files at /Library/Logs/ I think there was also a way the disable the standard panic message with this kind of information text about the panic: http://www.info.apple.com/images/kbase/106227/106227_1.jpg Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.
  4. dHack

    NeedForSpeed CARBON on Intel Macs

    One more games that is running near-perfect: GTA San Andreas Used max setting with 1680x1050 There are problems with mouses sensitivity and all the people in the game have missing textures! The textures are present in some cut-scenes... But I suppose these are minor issues that can be easily fixed with some tweaking. NFSC don't seem to have these problems but can't use widescreen resolution EDIT: Somehow I managed to mess up vice city and san andreas
  5. Any other mobo recommendations? I guess that tomorrow I'm gonna order the new mobo GA-965P-S3 with some other upgrade parts
  6. Should I go for Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3? It won't boot from ATA but I can use my external usb enclosure to temporarily boot from ATA dvd drive. Or I can buy another assrock.. EDIT: there is also GA-965P-S3 that is bit cheeper.. It looks like 965 chipsets need more patching than 945 ones although they have better OC abilities and support DDR800 memory...
  7. It looks like my Asrock ConRoe945G-DVI motherboard died and I'm looking for new mobo. Since I have bought separate GPU I don't need integrated graphics. Here are the features I would like to see: 1. OSX86 compatibility is number one! 2. DDR800 ram support would be good (although not completely necessary) 3. Support for at least 4GB of memory 4. Slightly better OC features than the ConRoe945G (E6300@2.5Ghz is enough for me) 5. Lots of USB ports 6. ATX is preferred but not necessary 7. Price: Lets try to keep it under 100EUR All the other parts of the Hack are in the sig.
  8. anyone? this is a rather urgent problem.. Edit: Managed to solve this by my own. 1. Copied MBR to file: "sudo dd if=/dev/rdisk0 of=mbr.backup bs=512 count=1" (replace rdisk0 with YOUR disk number) 2. Backed-up MBR to external source! 3. Did some editing with HexEdit. List of filesystem IDs that you need to comapare with your own disk. ("sudo fdisk /dev/rdisk0") See this and this link for additionl info 4. Copied MBR back: "sudo dd if=mbr.backup of=/dev/rdisk0 bs=512 count=1" I used JaS dvd to boot up because hdd can't be in use while updating MBR: "dd if=/Volumes/path/to/your/MBR of=/dev/rdisk1 bs=512 count=1" And it works
  9. Current problem: OSX won't recognize my data partition but it works with win xp and MacDrive. How did it happened: I had following partitions: 1. tiger (hfs+) 2. empty ntfs 3. data (hfs+) 4. osx86 test (hfs+) I needed some space and wanted to format the ntfs partition to hfs. Disk Utility didn't allow it so I booted xp installation cd hoping that deleting this partition might help. No. OSX didn't even boot up I managed to fix this with fdisk and when I loaded up Disk Utility it didn't allowed formating unused space to partition unless you want to delete the whole disk. So had an extra pata drive with winxp and formated unused space to fat32 partition. Now when i went back to tiger it didn't mount my main data partition! Instead it claimed it's become ntfs one Fortunately macdrive in windows won't have a problem and mounts this partition correctly. Here is what fdisk in osx thinks of current situation: Disk: /dev/rdisk0 geometry: 38913/255/63 [625142448 sectors] Signature: 0xAA55 Starting Ending #: id cyl hd sec - cyl hd sec [ start - size] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *1: AF 0 1 1 - 1023 213 34 [ 63 - 41943040] HFS+ 2: 0C 1023 124 24 - 1023 213 34 [ 41943103 - 31457185] Win95 FAT32L 3: 07 1023 3 29 - 1023 32 2 [ 73400418 - 530770608] HPFS/QNX/AUX 4: 05 1023 32 3 - 1023 90 20 [ 604171026 - 20971422] Extended DOS Could it be that I need to modify MBR and change 3rd partition type to HFS+? And if it's so than how exactly I'm going to to that? Thanks in the advance!
  10. Anyone? The first 3 partition are primary and the last one extended if that should matter..
  11. First of all I am sorry for making another dual boot topic but with so many guides available I'm getting little confused. Especially when most guides tell you to install windows before osx. Secondly, here is a list of partitions on 320GB main drive: 1: Apple_HFS Tiiger 20.0 GB disk0s1 (main osx86 installation) 2: Windows_NTFS 15.0 GB disk0s2 (empty) 3: Apple_HFS Data 253.1 GB disk0s3 (for data) 4: Apple_HFS Bizz 10.0 GB disk0s5 (for temp osx86) What is the simplest way to install vista to disk0s2 without re-installing tiger and preferably use darwin bootloader? Will something like this work: 1. Install vista (should I make vista's partition active before installing?) 2. Should I fix MBR and make tiger's partition active again? 3. Use darwin bootloader for dual boot? Thanks!
  12. I have the exactly the same problem, although I have alc888 sound. Any thoughts?
  13. Got 7900GS instead and it works great with titan drivers from JaS dvd
  14. Sorry, here is the working link. The card has 256MB and AFAIK there shouldn't be any other major changes besides fabrication process. It's cheap because the new mid-range dx10 cards should be out soon and 80nm chips should also bring the cost a little bit down. All the other spec's look the same as the standard 7600GT. I don't know too much about GPUs and how their drivers work but something tells me it should work.. Now someone please correct me if I'm wrong