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  1. MrTrip


    Waiting for this Beta link...
  2. MrTrip

    OpenCore Discussion

    Moved OC to my NVME drive as it finds Clover on my NVME. Moved Clover to a USB for backup booting... cleaned the NVME using the CleanNVME.efi and got a new log. opencorebootlog.txt
  3. MrTrip

    OpenCore Discussion

    This is the best I can get.
  4. MrTrip

    OpenCore Discussion

    You did not specify those were my only options. Logging to serial I have no idea how that would even work so NVRAM it is.... this is my output
  5. MrTrip

    OpenCore Discussion

    Alright guys, so the PDF clearly states... So I tried the Data Hub approach, but I can't boot into macOS using OC to retrieve that log. When I fail booting OC and then boot Clover, the Data Hub output of ioreg -lw0 -p IODeviceTree | grep boot-log | sort | sed 's/.*<\(.*\)>.*/\1/' | xxd -r -p becomes my Clover boot log, and not OC. So what are my options now?
  6. MrTrip

    OpenCore Discussion

    Where would this manual be? I do not see it on the GitHub.
  7. MrTrip

    OpenCore Discussion

    I will provide a boot log, tell me where the boot log button is? Or how to extract it from the EFI folder? Here is my OC Menu, and here is my clover menu... How do I provide a log?
  8. MrTrip

    OpenCore Discussion

    Yes the NVME drive shoes up in Shell. It shows up in Clover and I am currently booted to it in Clover. The drive shows up everywhere except OC. How do I dump an OC Boot log when the drive does not show up in OC?
  9. MrTrip

    OpenCore Discussion

  10. MrTrip

    OpenCore Discussion

    Bumping with my issue again since it got buried... honestly I don't know why we have these mega threads when questions get buried faster than they can be viewed or answered. Z390 Chipset, macOS is installed to my NVME Samsung 960 Pro, is seen by Clover when booting but not seen by OC when booting. Another Z390 user has this same issue. Z370 seems to not have this issue, we've tried the exact same setup as the Z370 user and no go. An issue was posted on the bug tracker and it was closed and told people to come here for support.
  11. MrTrip

    Help! My Hackintosh Cannot Shut Down!

    Spoke with you on Discord and figured out you were using a tonymac product. That is not supported here. The driver you're using also has not been developed since El Captain. I'd suggest you pick up a card that is supported native... https://www.amazon.com/Inateck-Express-15-Pin-Connector-KT5001/dp/B00FPIMJEW/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=Inateck+PCI-E+to+USB+3.0&amp;qid=1555090828&amp;s=electronics&amp;sr=1-3
  12. Nothing really, just update. You will need new NVIDIA driver but you can boot with nv_disable=1 to get in and update drivers.
  13. This can be considered solved. Residual kexts from Sierra patching method left in /L/E/ and totally forgot about them.
  14. So went ahead and installed this....and now I cannot boot my hack with my m2 NVMe drive in anymore. Every single boot results in a KP with it in... started with this Kernel Extensions in backtrace: com.apple.iokit.IOAHCIBlockStorage(301.40.2)[0D9325A5-E989-39F7-B3CF-75FC51C60627]@0xffffff7f9f110000->0xffffff7f9f136fff dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOAHCIFamily(288)[50673EBC-47A0-329A-B58C-081A6EDF6BF4]@0xffffff7f9f0e6000 dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOStorageFamily(2.1)[F27A8A2A-6662-3608-83BD-415037509E01]@0xffffff7f9e361000 Then the last one I got was this... Kernel Extensions in backtrace: com.apple.iokit.IOUSBFamily(900.4.1)[2837DD62-F2B0-3357-A164-D44FEF6810E0]@0xffffff7fa0208000->0xffffff7fa02a2fff dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.9)[FC26E565-5D29-3359-A3FC-487032A1FC78]@0xffffff7f9f294000 dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOUSBHostFamily(1.2)[93B5E6D7-8F74-39E2-A9C6-6B25F334733D]@0xffffff7f9ff58000 dependency: com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBCommon(1.0)[FB0D8863-27B6-39BE-889D-E4A32ED357F8]@0xffffff7f9ff50000 Which says USB but I have no drives plugged into USB...in fact all I have in USB is my keyboard, mouse, and my wireless headphones... Then looking down a bit more, I see this, soooo lol no idea System uptime in nanoseconds: 1191814163 last loaded kext at 1191673241: com.apple.iokit.IOUSBFamily 900.4.1 (addr 0xffffff7fa0208000, size 634880) last unloaded kext at 723206668: com.apple.iokit.IONVMeFamily 2.1.0 (addr 0xffffff7fa174e000, size 262144) loaded kexts: Specs are in my signature, or should be, but I'll repeat here... MSI Z97 Gaming 7 i7-4790K GTX 1080 Ti 500 GB NVMe Samsung 960 Pro - Windows 10 Pro 500 GB Samsung Evo 850 SSD - macOS 10.13.6 3 TB WD Red - Mac Data & Misc 3 TB WD Red - Windows Data & Misc Clover bootloader, iMac 15,1 Prior to the 2018-003 update, everything worked great... Googling found nothing, the patch-nvme is only for 10.12.X so, very confused.
  15. MrTrip


    I've updated my signature. I didn't realize it was deleted...I had my rig in my sig previously. I used OZMTool and followed the documentation by the letter multiple times. It would always produce a bad BIOS flash. I gave up on using OZMTool and did it manually using UEFITool and have a good flash and I am currently running on macOS Sierra, Ozmosis bootloader, all graphics working. The issue I'm having is with High Sierra and the Firmware verification issue. I have since updated my SMBIOS entries in my Defaults.plist and my OzmosisDefaults and should have no issue upgrading, but I have decided to stick with 10.12 as it is stable and working well right now. I do appreciate the zip files you posted, when I said the links were broken before it was an SQL Server error from the forums preventing it. I did however use the links you provided and the Ozmosis you provided to create my current working setup. So I appreciate that kind sir. I will probably make an attempt again at High Sierra later, and post a blog write up for how I got things going on my end.