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  1. Yea i realized i didn't capitalize some letters and redid it and it worked forgot to come revise my post thou lol. everything seems to be working. The mouse moves pretty fast but i can deal with that thanks for the help again.
  2. Thanks for the guide uninc i got snow leopard installed following it i just have one problem video is not working properly. when you said boot.plist did you need com.apple.boot.plist because i added: <key>graphicsenabler</key> <string>y</string> <key>forcewake</key> <string>y</string> and graphics are still not working. thanks for your help once graphics are working snow leopard will replace leopard
  3. I just reinstalled leopard with your 3.0 guide but for some reason my ethernet port is not working any ideas as to why this would happen? I might jsut try to reinstall again and hope for the best
  4. I just installed the custom bios from the other post and it did install properly nothing died im in the process of removing the wireless card from my acer aspire one to test if the white list is bypassed ill be back with more info. all i got to say is IT WORKS! finally no more usb dongles lol
  5. HP DV3510nr / DV3500 / HP DV3500t / DV3 guide and progress

    DV1310nr users do not worry about installing the bios i just installed and my laptop still works im in the process of removing the wireless card from my acer aspire one to check that the white list is bypassed
  6. Alright I attempted again with those values you supplied i changed both the VEN and DEV and it still failed to boot. I am not certain how to or what to change the SUBSYS ID to. If you can supply more information about that it would be greatly appreciated. Hered a supplied picture of the values flashed onto the card currently.
  7. I just flashed the card following this Guide while the card was in my acer aspire one. I rebooted the acer it booted into mac and still and still had wireless. The bad part is that i put the card into the hp laptop and still received the 104 error . Im not sure if this process is goign to work for us, cause it seems odd that hp would still add these older wireless cards into there newer laptops, but i am not certain. If you guys have any questions you attempt this you can msg me on my aim it is posted in my profile thing.
  8. I was looking at the disassembly guide on HP'S site and from the pictures it does not look like the motherboard has another pci slot that I can see. It is not documented anywhere in the pdf as well. So I don't think that there is another pci slot on the mobo. I am going to try flashing dell wirless card in my acer aspire one to see if it will get past the bios error.
  9. I was looking up bios recovery options for insyde bios and came up on this forum basically if we do kill our laptops from flashing we need to put the bios onto the flash drive, when you turn on your computer hold windows key + B. It will then search the flash drive for bios files and flash it. The problem is that they are not sure how to name the bios so that will have to be a guess and check kind of thing. But I have tested turning on my laptop holding windows + b and have confirmed that the laptop beeps just as the guy says in the post, so i am pretty certain that this is a way to recover our bios if flashing were to fail.
  10. Hey i just found this program called shades on the forums don't know if you guys are interested but it'll help us out since we don't have brightness control. I don't think it will actually help battery life but our screen wont be burning our eyes lol. Heres the Site where i got it. And if anyones interested I ordered a OBHD(Optical Bay Hard Drive), should get here tommorrow ima test it out and ill get back to you with more info.
  11. I just tested hdmi on my tv and I am happy to report that video works It extends the desktop, only thing that does not work is sound threw hdmi which I didn't expect to work in the first place. Its starting to look like we got ourselves a macbook. I hope your bios flash goes well and we can have ourselves internal wireless Good Luck!
  12. I can confirm that this was my problem I reinstalled the uInstaller. Here what I did, 1) choose my hdd 2) choose Osx86_essentials 3) checked Apply Kext Package 4) checked install PC_EFI_v9 Chameleon Edition 1.0.12 5) checked apply ethernet EFI String 6) Click install i know this is very verbose but hopefully it will help you out. I can now boot to mac from my vista boot loader without any problems
  13. Sadly it is to late for me to do -v as i just reinstalled with 3 partitions. i have successfully got the boot 132 onto a small partition and can now boot without the cd. Now all i need is wireless and a battery monitor and ill be happy thanks for all the help hoping for more updates as time goes buy. Umm just found something interesting, heres a list of all the laptops that have the same motherboard that is in my dv3510nr. So if we can comfirm that the bios are flashable with the asus ones then i assume that it would be safe for anyone that owns a laptop on that list to flash there bios and be rid of the dreaded 104 error.
  14. Same thing is happening to me but im dual booting vista and osx. I searched for a fix and basically they say to make another small partition on your hdd and restore the boot 132 iso onto it. Once it is restored make that partition the boot partition and it should allow you to boot without the cd. This is not the answer i was hoping for but i am in the process of resizing my partition now as i write this. Once it is complete i will report back if it worked.
  15. thanks for the reply, I was messing with it yesterday and could not get the asus flash utility working on vista 64bit, do you know if he used 32bit to flash it, cause if he did i can install it on a spare hdd i have and try from there.