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  1. Problem with Quadro K2000M on HP 8570w

    timp, all I have is, ML 10.8.0 installed from USB, 10.8.1 update, then 10.8.2 update, then 10.8.2 update for late 2012 mac. And Chameleon later than r2137. The NVIDIA driver I used is the kexts from the late 2012. I didn't use the 304 version on nvidia.com what I don't have: DSDT editing GraphicsEnabler option And I didn't remember seeing any NVDASettings.kext in my system, is that some helper kext? My problem before using Chameleon r2137, is that the system will boot into a gray screen. That screen looks like the graphics driver is working and the very early GUI is up, just cannot boot into the desktop. This is different from your situation, since yours seems is unable to boot into graphic env. yet.
  2. Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

    I have ML 10.8.2. I have installed the late 2012 mac update, which is for newer macs that comes with newer nvidia chip. You can get it here: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1603 I use the nvidia driver included in this update, which is slightly newer than the retail driver. For other information you may already know in the other post of mine.
  3. Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

    My problem with K2000M on HP 8570w is solved, please see my post. You will need the latest Chameleon r2137 boot loader.
  4. Problem with Quadro K2000M on HP 8570w

    I got it working now! The magic is Chameleon r2137. After upgrade to this version and set GraphicsEnabler=No, it is working as expected. Previously I am using Chameleon r2129, when GraphicsEnabler is set to No, the kernel will panic. While set it to yes cannot boot into the desktop. Looked into Chameleon change logs, there are several Nvidia related changes and fixes in recent revisions, that must have help set my video card up correctly. No DSDT editing needed. The latest r2137 Chameleon is downloadable at osx86.net.
  5. Problem with Quadro K2000M on HP 8570w

    I have tried almost all you have done, except of the DSDT thing, no luck till now.
  6. Problem with Quadro K2000M on HP 8570w

    Thanks anyway. I was not able to fix the dsdt compile error either. Even without making any changes to the original dsdt, it will have error to compile...
  7. Problem with Quadro K2000M on HP 8570w

    Yes I installed the retail driver, I mentioned that in OP. I also tried the driver from the late 2012 10.8.2 update for mac, which has a slightly newer version of the driver. But both doesn't work.
  8. Problem with Quadro K2000M on HP 8570w

    I have read your blog post, seems it assumes the reader have experience on DSDT/IOreg information extraction and editing, but I don't... So I don't understands some of the key steps. Could you kindly look into my DSDT and ioreg file and edit for me? Many thanks! dsdt_ioreg.zip
  9. Problem with Quadro K2000M on HP 8570w

    Thanks a lot. I will carefully read and try. One question, your blog says it is for Fermi, however my laptop use Quadro K2000m which is Kepler. Will it work also?
  10. Hi there. I have a HP 8570w mobile workstation which has a Nvidia Quadro K2000M graphics card. It does not have the Intel HD graphics in the CPU. I have problem use this K2000M in Mountain Lion. With 10.8.2 version of ML and install the 304.00.05f02 driver from nvidia.com, I can only boot into a plain light grey screen. It shows up right after the grey screen with apple logo and rotating wheel disappear. After upgraded to the late 2012 update mentioned here:http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283889-new-mountain-lion-1082-updater-late-2012-models-nvidia-drivers/ I got almost the same result, except of the freezing light grey screen now has a apple logo in the center. If I boot with -v flag, I can see NVDAGK100HAL loaded and registered, so I think the driver is loaded but not working properly somehow. I can boot successfully if remove the NVDA*.kext and GeFore*.kext kextes under /S/L/E. I am not using any customized DSDT. Can someone help me on this or at least point a way to further debug the problem? Thanks in advance.
  11. Enabling QE on 9800 GT

    I have a 9600 GT with DVI and HDMI outputs, and I have similar problem before. I managed to find out that if you get a blue screen without the cursor, it simply means you have the screen output to the other head instead of the current one you connected to. For me I use the DVI port to a LCD monitor but for some reason the card alwasy use HDMI port as primary display after boot up, even though I didn't connect anything to the HDMI port. I didn't find a thorough fix yet but the workaround is quite easy, just turn the monitor off for several seconds and turn it on again, it seems will trigger the driver to re-detect the port and will switch back to use the DVI port as output. Hope this will help your 9800, you can even verify it by connect to the other display port on your card to see if it has anything on it.
  12. Since Windows could not boot from a GUID disk partition unless your system is running EFI instead of BIOS, you have to install SL on a MBR disk partition. You have 2 options. - Install to a dedicated GUID partitioned disk first, then clone it back to the MBR partition on your current Windows 7 disk. The GUID disk could be a external USB disk. Cloning is done by using restore function of Disk Utility. - Search for "Snow Leopard OSInstall.mpkg" and you will find a modified osinstall.mpkg file that you can use to replace the original file on the SL install DVD. It allows you to install on to a MBR disk, but I saw someone mentioned it will cause some problem to the installed system like screw up permission. I personally don't know whether it is true or not since I use option 1.
  13. 10.5.1 update goes forever

    Yes! Thank you so much. I've even tried to reinstall leo and rerun update, it still fails. After I brought the thinkpad to another place use a different network, I can upgrade now. BTW, for those may see this post in the future, the downloaded updates are under /Library/Updates directory.
  14. Hi, I don't know if any body have the same problem here. I'm running 10.5 with EFI patch on two systems. I use the same way to setup: the original kernel and the modified ACPI/SMBios kext. And then I use the software update to upgrade the two to 10.5.1. One successed and boot up without any issue. The other just stall at the update installation progress window at the very beginning, the window says "configuring installation". The progress bar just stalls there and I left it for over night(!!!...) and it's just till at exactly the same place.... Seems there is problem during the update pkg installation process but I don't know how to deal with it. Any one have any idea? Thank you for any hints. BTW, the success one is a IBM workstation, the failed one is a thinkpad T60.