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  1. I got this working. The problem was the 5770 I was using for graphics. I got the system to boot using an older 4770 I had laying around and patched to 10.5.6. I still had some problems, though. I checked out the forums at tonymac and found this guide: http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5779 which worked PERFECTLY. I'm up and running with audio, graphics, and network and no issues. One problem I did bump into though, and I wanted to throw the warning out there: I had updated my graphics information as per that guide above and then ran the kakewalk installer. It will overwrite your boot file (or the plist? either way it blew my system up). You need to run kakewalk FIRST, and then do the tricks in the guide above. I also didn't have audio working after just kakewalk, I had to install some stuff from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], too. All that said this was the easiest hackintosh I've built, due mostly to Kakewalk. Nice work!
  2. Ive got a GIGABYTE X58A-UD3R and I'm having problems with this install. I made the Kakewalk.iso on my Macbook, burned it to a disk and got my PC to boot off of it. It's got nothing installed right now, no windows or anything. Completely fresh drive out of the box. The Darwin bootloader comes up (is that what it's called? It says I can press F5 to rescan media). Whether i tell it to boot right away or swap the snow leopard retail disk in and then boot I get the same results. It waits for a mintue, then the monitor goes blank and the fans spin up to max. I've let it sit like this for several minutes with no change. Has anyone experienced similar or found a solution? Thanks so much! Brand new build and I'm looking forward to it. This Kakewalk install seems way better than the other methods I've tried in the past, but It's just not getting past the bootloader for me.
  3. Objection

    650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Not gunna work with EFI, and not gunna work with BrazilMac. You'll need to use the ToH Leopard RC2 install disk and EFI (i'm 90% sure) is limited to intel chipset motherboards (ours is nVidia).
  4. Objection

    Ethernet Driver for Marvell 88E1116

    Just to quell the crowd before everyone starts asking for the "test driver". I can not say the same about my own system. I've had two kernel panics running the new driver all under network load. One seemingly at random (because I was simply browsing the net) and another shortly after initiating a network file transfer with my MacBook. Let's keep news of the status of the drivers to e-mails so that Mike isn't swarmed with people asking for a driver that's probably going to freeze their system just as often as it'll work correctly. =)
  5. You have to boot the DVD in safe mode using "-x -v" as boot flags. There is an extensive discussion of your chipset in a thread in this forum entitled "680/650i chipset thread" or something similar full of users using the same set-up as you that can help you.
  6. Objection

    messed up a little and need help

    mv filename newfilename Thats the command to re-name a file.
  7. Try 10.5.1 first. Some things like to magically work. If not then look around for something to help it along.
  8. Objection

    Will Leopard work on this PC?

    My dad taught me to love macs because they were always around me growing up and he always told me: We don't own a boat, we don't own particularly nice cars or a summer home or anything but we do own some really nice computers that may cost more but as long as it makes you that much happier it's worth it. And trust me, A mac pro would make me happier than a $3,000 upgrade to my car, it's just the geek I am =P
  9. Objection

    CD Loading Stops... Help?

    Motherboard matters more than processor. Try booting the dvd with the options "-x -v" (hit f8 and then type -x -v and hit return)
  10. Objection

    Will Leopard work on this PC?

    Its a fun hobby. I have a macbook too but I want a machine to work on so I don't have to constantly plug and unplug my monitor and keyboard to get a big screen on my Macbook. Also, my macbook can't run my dual monitor set up... sooo... it's fun to play with and might eventually be useful. Thats why I do it anyways.
  11. Same thing I told the guy with similar issues on his 680i. There is a thread in this forum (page 1 or 2 even, it's fairly active) about the 680/650i chipsets and how to get leopard running on them. It requires the ToH DVD and an IDE HDD.
  12. Objection

    Darwin Loader Restarts

    On page 1 or 2 is a thread dedicated to the 680i motherboard, you should give it a read-through. In short though our boards are NOT compatible with the BrazilMac Install DVD (or the flat image which uses the BrazilMac Kernel). You will need to use the ToH DVD, and even then there are a few oddities all of which have solutions outlined in the thread specific to your motherboard.
  13. Objection

    Ethernet Driver for Marvell 88E1116

    Yeah, the more I think about it the more that makes sense. Eager to see what the solution is.
  14. Objection

    kernal panic while loading system

    Take the DVD out of your drive and boot off of your leopard partition directly. If you hit f8 quickly while the bootloader is running, when it says "Loading DarwinX86..." you'll be given the option to enter boot options just like you are with the DVD. Enter the options "-x -v -f" without quotes and see if it boots correctly.
  15. Objection

    650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Dunno, maybe do some searching around. Those covered everything I use, so I didn't look harder.