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  1. I tried the above but my setup still won't work Disk 1: Snow Leopard working perfectly Disk 2 Partition 1: Mac Storage Disk 2 Partition 2: Windows 7 If I boot into Chameleon with the Snow leopard drive I can see windows 7 and snow, snow works fine, windows 7 just sits at Loading Operating System If I disconnect Disk 1 and Just try to boot into Windows 7 the same thing Tried setting the Windows 7 partition as active and repaired startup disk but to no avail Any other suggestions? Thanks Nice guide btw
  2. Thanks for the info! After the crucial clue to looking online with regard to the fact that real macs have the same issue it is possible to get full 5.1, just requires a little elbow grease http://www.cod3r.com/2008/02/the-correct-w...with-quicktime/ HOLY {censored}!!!! 5.1 DTS AND Dolby Digital PASSTHROUGH WORKING With perian installed I can play the files in Quicktime/Plex all with DTS passthrough to the my receiver (strangely enough vlc of all programs is having trouble with the dts passthrough)....amazing! The UD2/Tonymac combination cannot be beat!
  3. Hey Everyone, First of all have to say thanks to tonymac for all the help....got my system up and running in a matter of hours....easiest osx86 install I've ever done....kind of takes the fun out of it Anywho I've got audio working on my p55m-ud2 with optical but its only seen as two channel. Anybody getting full 5.1 or have ANY idea about how to go fixing this....I'm really dying for my mac to output full 5.1.....all help or directions in the right path are appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Once you're in plex you need to go settings and then pick the correct audio device....hope this helps
  5. So I'm really excited because my parts are coming in today...planning on getting the build nice and stable with tonymac's guides and then maybe a little overclocking. I plan on making this my main computer for a while but I've seen that even slight overclocking can increase performance drastically on these i5s. I ended up getting the 1600Mhz Ram (was close in price and for overclocking seemed better if I could actually reach the speeds), so I was planning on raising the baseclock like you said to 160. Haven't actually gotten into the bios yet but once I get my board are there any other settings that I need to change to achieve the overclock? Also is there any disadvantage to running the CPU in the 3gz range (provided stock voltage like you said and assuming I can get good temps (got the core92 like you recommended...I'll let you know how it performs)) or should I not worry about taking the CPU multiplier down to 16. Thanks again for your help Evildemon! You've been very helpful thus far
  6. http://www.turtlebeach.com/AudioAdvantageM...34/Default.aspx $24.95 available this month for a driver-less s/pdif connection compatible with mac? oh boy....
  7. Fully Mac OS supported Upgraded systems so I don't need this anymore Lots of great reviews. Just make sure your firewire port can properly handle audio over firewire....ti chipsets are best but you can look into this more in the forums $20 plus shipping costs. PM your zip code and I'll let you know how much shipping is exactly but I'm guessing it'll be around $7 Thanks!
  8. Evildemon989, thanks for the great info! I'm also about to purchase the p55m-ud2. Still deciding between the i5 and i7 860.....wondering what made you choose the i5? Also with the overclocking, what kind of gb scores are you getting and what are you using to cool? I'm thinking about overclocking if I get the i5 a little, possibly to match the 1600 RAM but I don't want to go too much that will shorten the length of my proc.....any suggestions? Thanks again!
  9. Hey Guys....since this is a buying recommendations thread after all.... Curious to your thoughts about the i5 750 v. the i7 860 Mostly for everyday mutitasking, htpc, and some light photo editing on the side I know there are other posts out there but I wanted to hear from the guys actually working with these procs and the Gigabyte boards....I'll probably go with the UD2 at this point just because of all the great work you guys are doing Also any Ram recommendations? Favorite CPU Cooler? Thanks for all the info guys....I've become addicted to this thread!
  10. You need to purchase a registration code from them and enter it to run the 64-bit version https://store.primatelabs.ca/store
  11. Wow this might be the final nail for me to sink into this rig.... You're getting full dts passthrough? Thanks!
  12. AppleHDA vs VoodooHDA

    I have a Dimension 5150 with Sigmatel STAC9220 according to DELL. I'm trying to get more than one of the audio outputs to work simultaneously to get analog 5.1 audio via 3 separate audio jacks and the aggregate device editor (possible in xp so I can't understand why it wouldn't be possible here) I can get audio via AppleHDA using stac9220.txt files I downloaded but only two channels from one port at a time. With VoodooHDA I can get 2 channels from all the ports (it recognizes each port as an audio device for for a stac9221 A1) but the computer only sees it as one device so I can only output 2 channels to all the ports at the same time...basically just like having extra headphone jacks. I can't figure out a way for the computer to see each port independently so I can push different audio channels through different ports... Please help if you can...this is killing me.... EDIT:Added Linux Dump...trying to work with it to understand why once I put it through appleHDA Patcher it still only sees two channels.... codec_dump.txt
  13. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    Not quite sure what you mean here...I'm sure due to my ignorance. No passthrough on the speakers means what exactly? Also have you tried using a test file like the one found here: http://www.lynnemusic.com/surround.html You should be able to hear each speaker with the test file (only about 500kb) pronounce itself to see if you're really getting 5.1 or am I missing something?
  14. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    Was the behringer working under snow leopard? I read on their support forum that because of usb compatibility issues their usb products would not be supported under 64-bit operating systems... " The complicated architecture of 64-bit operating systems does not support the generic USB driver available in BEHRINGER products. Consequently, none of our products function with 64-bit operating systems, including all 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The exception is products that can be connected directly to the computer with a MIDI cable in place of a USB cable. Please do not submit support requests about 64-bit drivers. The technical support team does not have any information about the future availability of 64-bit drivers. If 64-bit drivers for our products do become available, this fact will be announced prominently on our website." I'm desperately looking for a cheap addon to get full 5.1 audio working through optical out... I had the firewave but either I got a dud or its just not jiving with my system properly... The Behringer uca222 or 202 look great...I'd order one in a heartbeat if I knew I could easily get full 5.1 out...Any info? Thanks so much for your help!
  15. ALC888 100% in Snow Leopard x64

    I'm really interested in getting the EX58-UD3R for my new i7 920 build but I'm really worried about getting full 5.1 or greater sound...are you able to make an aggregate device using audio midi setup to get full 5.1 or greater? What about optical audio...Thanks so much...this would be a huge help!!!