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  1. Same here, I've become a Mac fiend! I use Mac all the time now. Mac OS X Snow Leopard is my primary OS and the first partition on my system, plus I'm a happy iPad owner. I've become obsessed with all things Apple. Getting back in to Mac was my primary concern as well. It's what mattered most to me. As long as you don't make modifications to the partitions other than to flag them or sync them with gptsync; no formats, no partition resizing or moving, you should be able to recover and get back. The guides I mentioned before helped a lot in my thought process of recovery, especially the lifehacker one.
  2. Could you add EFI support, simular to EFIUpdate2 ( http://www.insanelywind.com/forum/viewtopi...f=11&t=3244 ) and EFI Finisher 1.1 ( http://cl.ly/Xrb )?
  3. I have a MSI Wind U100 netbook setup to triple boot Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.7, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, and Linux Mint 9. Here is how I got mine working ... After following along the guides here... http://www.insanelywind.com/forum/viewtopi...?f=17&t=453 and here... http://lifehacker.com/#!5698205/how-to...ndows-and-linux I got everything working and it was working well for a while, till I needed to update my Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 and it wouldn't work due to the fact that Service Pack 1 couldn't access the desired partition to make modifications as Windows wasn't set as the boot partition. So I decided that I could just flip the boot flag to the Windows Partition, make the necessary adjustments and switch it back, simple enough right? WRONG! Once I switched the boot flag back to Mac it corrupted the Partition Scheme Table, i.e. Windows No Longer Booted because it wanted to be the "Active Partition", but Mac and Linux were still accessible. To fix all this mess, I booted into Linux and re ran gptsync and thus Windows was working again but now Mac and Linux weren't upon reboot. So I loaded up Windows 7 and had to use WINDOWS' "Diskpart"; it vitally crucial to use Windows' own Partition Manager to set Mac OS X's partition as the "boot" partition. Again, let me reemphasize that ... USE MICROSOFT'S DISKPART TO SET MAC OS X's PARTITION AS BOOTABLE, gparted and fdisk WILL NOT WORK! I'm under the suspicion that it has something to do with tricking Windows into believing it's still the Boot Partition because "Your In It!" or perhaps some difference in "Active Partition Flag" and "Boot Partition Flag". In any case, after this all was working again upon reboot. I hope this helps, It saved my little machine.
  4. OSX 10.4.9 usb troubles

    I have this same system and would like to give OSx86 a whirl. What drivers did you have to obtain and where did you obtain them? Any links and direction would be most aprechiated. Also can you give any additional feedback specific to this system? I would like this experice of transition from origional Windows XP MCE 2005 to Mac OSx86 to be a smooth and fulfilling one. Any tips and hints would be great.